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MartinLogan Neolith Speakers Preview

Shh! We’ve got the first sneak peek at the new MartinLogan Neolith speakers! These new premier speakers are hand-made with quality crossover components and build quality that seems more worthy of an Italian sports car than a piece of audio gear. These MartinLogan speakers will be, if what we’ve seen is any indication, a tremendous piece […]

Denon S-Series Receivers Get Updated

The new Denon S-Series receivers are a definite step up from last year’s models, with Bluetooth audio, wireless streaming, HDMI 2.0, and more. Denon officially launched 3 new S-Series audio/video receivers today, including the AVR-S500BT, AVR-S700W and the AVR-S900W. Pricing ranges from $249-$599 on these new models, making them the most affordable Bluetooth receivers in the market of […]

Best Home Theater Speakers

Deciding on the best home theater speakers isn’t a task to be taken lightly. You’ve got online reviews, users reviews, different sizes, different budgets, room size… There’s a lot to weigh. Still, I think it’s fairly easy to help guide a you towards the best home theater speaker for you. It may not be the best home theater […]

Home Theater Cables Explained

While the thought of a brand new surround sound system might be grand, understanding all of the types of audio and video home theater cables and connections can be scary. You’ve got a lot of options, or more if some of your gear is over 5 years old. Much of what’s been produced in the last half decade […]

Best Sound Bar – Choosing Features and Style

Finding the Best “Anything” is a daunting task. Once you’ve determined that your living room’s aesthetics can’t really support a full surround sound system (this is more common than you might think), one of the go-to solutions involves getting a sound bar. But finding the best soundbar for your application and room isn’t always the […]