Audio-Technica ATH-SQ1TW Wireless Headphones Overview

Headphones are becoming more and more important these days. They used to be purchased by adults simply for travel or exercise. Now, we use them for work, for play, and sometimes all day long. Whenever something gets as ubiquitous as headphones now are, style starts to get important. Sure, the kids may care about having a lowercase “b” on their headphones, but adults want something that both sounds AND looks good. Audio-Technica is looking to capture that market with their new ATH-SQ1TW wireless headphones.

Audio-Technica ATH-SQ1TW Wireless Headphones Style

The first thing that will stand out when you look at the ATH-SQ1TW is the colors. The ATH-SQ1TW comes in six colors They have the traditional white and black, but add in yellow, brown/pink, blue, and a “patriotic” red, white, and blue version. The headphones all come with their own matching case that doubles as a portable charger.

The other obvious stylistic choice is the shape. While other headphones are looking to ape whatever Apple is doing, Audio-Technica has made the bold choice in square for their ATH-SQ1TW wireless headphones. The aspect we really like is the clear labeling of the left and right headphones. Too often, manufacturers seem to want to hide this information making it all but impossible to tell which headphone is which. Not the ATH-SQ1TWs!


The Audio-Technica ATH-SQ1TW wireless headphones sport a 5.8mm driver and can last 6.5 hours on a single charge. The battery case adds up to 13.5 hours to that. As to be expected, there are touch capacitance controls. The headphones are Bluetooth 5.0 enabled with low latency mode for minimal sound delays over the wireless connection.

One thing we are seeing with recent headphone offerings is pass-through functions. The Audio-Technica ATH-SQ1TW wireless headphones can be set to let in ambient sounds. This is particularly helpful when you need to pay attention to your environment but still want to keep the sounds on your device or computer discrete.

The ATH-SQ1TW is designed with exercise in mind. They are rain and water-resistant (IPX4-equivalent). This means they can get wet but you don’t want to submerge them. Think sweating and not swimming. They also recommend that you not use the headphones in hot and humid environments. They suggest bathrooms but I’m not sure if Florida also qualifies.


The price is the real selling point here. At $79 msrp, the Audio-Technica ATH-SQ1TW wireless headphones are extremely competitive. The only feature of more expensive headphones we don’t see here is active noise canceling. But with in-ear headphones like these, do you really need that? If you are looking for some more unique in-ear headphones at a reasonable price, these are definitely ones for your short list.

For more information, visit Audio-Technica.com.

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