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Crestron Network Stream Player CEN-NSP-1 Preview

The Crestron Network Stream Player released this week will wirelessly stream music from Apple iOS devices to any Crestron audio distribution system. The Crestron CEN-NSP-1, which looks a little bit like a wireless router, delivers both wired and wireless options for streaming music. You can stream AirPlay content from your iPod, iPhone, or iPad to any Crestron audio distribution system and allow anyone in the network to control the music via a Crestron app or touch screen. The Crestron CEN-NSP-1 is a nice, compact solution that we believe will retail around $700.

Crestron Network Stream Player CEN-NSP-1 Features

Wireless streaming with AirPlay

First and foremost you can use an iOS device to stream music wirelessly to a complete whole home audio Crestron system. That means you can instantly connect a player, turn on you Crestron-enabled system, and enjoy music from any app. If you integrate the CEN-NSP-1 with a whole house audio system, you can then use either the Crestron app on your device or a dedicated Crestron touch screen to send music to any (or every) room in the home.

Crestron network streaming player

Plug in via USB

AirPlay isn’t the only thing the Crestron CEN-NSP-1 does. The Network Streaming Player also allows you to connect an iPhone, iPad, or iPod via USB 2.0. In this way you can use an Apple dock or just a cable. With wired connectivity you can truly integrate the CEN-NSP-1 with services like iCloud and iTunes Match. Crestron gave one example of having an iPod touch connected to each CEN-NSP-1 in the rack. This would let you sync directly to iCloud via Wi-Fi. That would free up your other iOS devices for personal use while you listen to iTunes music.

Crestron network streaming player rear

Since, in this configuration, all of the content for streaming exists on the wired device in the rack, you no longer have to carry around a device, and the music never “drops out” when you leave WiFi range or get a phone call. As someone who can attest to this issue (repeatedly, sigh…) this is a great configuration option.

Expanding Services and Upgrades

The Crestron Network Stream Player natively streams Internet radio sources—so even if you don’t have a dedicated iOS device slinged up via USB, the music doesn’t stop every time you leave the WiFi area or your phone rings. This feature is slated to be added shortly via remote firmware upgrade. Crestron also says that its Network Streaming Player requires no third-party management or ongoing programming or GUI design updates. The CEN-NSP-1 takes care of those things automatically and Crestron dealers handle all the firmware updates behind the scenes.

Visit the Crestron website to learn more about the new Network Stream Player.

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