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Easy and Cheap Solution for Hiding Speaker Wire Coming From Wall

You’ve got speaker wire coming from your wall. Maybe you ran it there, maybe the house came like that. Either way, you don’t like it. It looks bad! Just a hole in the wall with speaker wire coming out? You are happy that the speaker wire is hidden instead of just hanging from the speaker. Surely there is a cheap and easy solution for hiding speaker wire coming from your wall? There is! Let’s discuss!

We Said Cheap and Easy

The top image in this article shows what most people want to do with speaker wire coming from a wall. Those wall plates make for a very professional installation. Unfortunately, they are neither cheap nor easy. The wall plates must be installed with a box (either old work or new work). If space is tight, installing a box might not be easy or even possible. We’d never say that those speaker wire wall plates were expensive, but they are not cheap. We are looking for the least expensive solution to this very common problem.

Light Switch Covers

The cheapest and easiest solution for hiding speaker wires coming from your wall is a light switch cover. The speaker wire can pass through easily and the hole isn’t too large. Light switch covers come in multiple colors and usually cost less than a buck. In many cases, you can screw the cover directly to the drywall as it isn’t holding any weight. We often recommend turning them to the side (as shown) as it makes them look less like a light switch cover at a glance.

Do you have other easy and cheap solutions? Let us know in the comments below!

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