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EPOS Announces The GSX 300 External Soundcard / H6PRO Gaming Headset Bundle

I have some good news for gamers who want to level up their audio performance. Audio manufacturer EPOS is offering a limited-time bundled deal on their popular GSX 300 external soundcard, and H6PRO closed or an open acoustic gaming headset. Is this the right deal for you, priced at $199 ($59 savings) for the GSX 300 soundcard and H6PRO headphones bundle? Let’s discuss. 

Who Is This Aimed At?

EPOS aimed the GSX 300 external soundcard / H6PRO gaming headset bundle at pc gamers and AV enthusiasts who regularly use headphones for their PC gaming setup and want to move to a 7.1 immersive format without adding extra speakers. 

It should appeal to enthusiasts looking to upgrade their built-in sound card to a higher quality external box that can offer a 7.1 surround experience for gaming/moves and high-res audio for streaming music. 

And for those who use both a console and PC to game regularly? Well, good news, the H6PRO gaming headset comes with a single 3.5mm cord for consoles and a dual 3.5mm cord for PCs. 

Who Should Skip This?

The EPOS GSX 300 external soundcard / H6PRO gaming headset bundle focuses primarily on PC gamers. While the H6PO headphones can work with both a PC and console (with included cables), the GSX 300 external soundcard requires software to run correctly and is incompatible with most gaming consoles. 

If you are primarily a console gamer, you can purchase the EPOS H6PRO headset separately for $179. Yes, that’s only a $20 savings over the bundle. So you should probably get that instead.

The Looks

I am not your typical PC or console gamer. I want my gear to have a subdued appearance without tacky (to me) LED lights. The EPOS GSX 300 external soundcard / H6PRO gaming headset bundle fits the bill in that respect. 

H6PRO Gaming Headset

The H6PRO gaming headset comes in either open or closed-back acoustic over-ear configurations, meaning you can allow the world to hear what you are playing or completely shut them out. Both sets have magnetically attached boom mics and large audio controls on the headset. 

I appreciate the detachable boom mic as I fold it up and out of my way more often than not. Plus, I can use these as a standard set of open or closed-back headphones with my gear. Audio controls on headphones are a must for me, and the large dial is easy to operate, even if I have my hands covered in Cheetos dust!

Both versions come in a stylish black with a nicely padded headband and subtle EPOS branding on the sides. 

GSX 300 External Soundcard

The EPOS GSX 300 external soundcard is as equally sleek as the headphones. The front features minimal EPOS branding and a small “smart button” to cycle between sound formats and presets. A large volume knob allows you to adjust the volume through the GSX 300 and has a discrete LED ring to indicate power. 

The back has a simple layout with a micro-USB input and a split mic/headphone output. This simple layout should make hooking it up a snap!


H6PRO Headphones Open

H6PRO Headphones Closed

GSX 300 External Soundcard

Our Take

I feel like the EPOS GSX 300 external soundcard / H6PRO gaming headset bundle is targeted directly at me. As an AV enthusiast who wants good sound and likes the aesthetic of an external box sitting on my desk, with minimalist headphones, the EPOS GSX 300 external soundcard / H6PRO gaming headset bundle checks all the boxes. 

With a detachable mic and external controls, the H6PRO is more than enough headphone to satisfy my need for quality sound that doesn’t destroy my wallet. And the EPOS GSX 300 will satiate my desire to have a high-resolution output for when I want to listen to music while I work. Plus I can add 7.1 surround for my causal gaming and movies. Win-win. 

At $199, I can say that the EPOS GSX 300 external soundcard / H6PRO gaming headset bundle seems like a great deal, and I think they might check some of the boxes for your next setup!

Check out the EPOS GSX 300 external soundcard / H6PRO bundle here

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