HSU Announces The VTF-TN1 Subwoofer

HSU made waves this week when they announced the VTF-TN1 (that’s a mouthful) subwoofer. Based around the same 15″ subwoofer and 600W (2000W peak) amp as the VTF-15H Mk2, it sports a new cabinet design and a new price. The TN1 ($1200) is $50 cheaper than the outgoing 15H ($1250), with a shipping fee of $99! Plus, if you pre-order ($200 deposit required), you will get an additional $50 off! Is that enough to make you take the plunge? Let’s discuss!

What’s New

As discussed, the biggest change is to the cabinet design. The new HSU VTF-TN1 is taller, measuring 18.5″ x 18.5″ x 29.5″ tall. At that height, it makes them perfect to put bookshelf speakers on. Of course you will need a matching pair.

Whereas the 15H Mk2 featured a pair of front-facing flared ports, the new VTF-TN1 replaces those with a pair of downward-firing ones. This port design equates to a pair of 4.5″ ports but for longer internal port tubes with fewer bends. This design choice should lead to lower port tuning and extension.

The response for the new HSU VTF-TN1 measures more linear than the outgoing 15H Mk2. The new tuning leads to more output in the 20Hz range, while we see a decrease in the 35-65Hz (chest-kick) range.

Lastly, the HSU VTF-TN1 has a variable tuning design, allowing it to run with both ports open, one port open, or fully sealed. In the “Max Extension” one-port mode, the TN1 can reach down to 14Hz!

What’s Around Back

Like the VTF-Mk2, the HSU VTF-TN1 has balanced XLR, line Level, and speaker level inputs. This means that you can connect the TN1 to virtually any system out there. There are knobs for volume, crossover, and Q control (frequency response curve). Missing is a variable phase knob, with only a 0 and 180-degree polarity switch. Controls are completed with switches for operating modes (sealed or ported), crossover on/off, and power (off/auto/on).

Our Take

The HSU VTF-TN1 could be a disrupter in the 15″ subwoofer segment. Not only is it $50 cheaper than its predecessor, it’s cheaper than its nearest competitors, the Monolith M-15 V2 ($1500) and the ToneWinner SW-D6000 ($1400).

On paper, the HSU VTF-TN1 offers stellar performance in a more space-friendly design. Plus, you can save yourself some money and sell your bookshelf stands!

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  1. JR

    Not pictured are the other pair at the back of the room… 😉

    Reminder to put your subs across the room from each other if you only have 2…

    • Andrew

      JR – 1000000% agreed on that point. I would never suggest two subs up front, but photographers for these companies love the symmetry of dual subs up front! 😉

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