KEF MU7 Noise-Canceling Headphones

KEF announced their new Ross Lovegrove-designed MU7 noise-canceling headphones. The KEF MU7 promise to deliver uncompromised sound and looks in a simple package. Priced at $399, are they your next set of headphones? Let’s discuss.


The KEF MU7 noise-canceling headphones feature an over-the-ear design that promises a snug acoustic seal (the ear cups are memory foam) with minimal ear pressure. For those that wear over-the-ear designs regularly, this is a welcome feature. Made from aluminum, they are both rugged and lightweight and flatten for easy travel. 

The right ear pad on the MU7s has a capacitive touchpad that allows you to answer calls, skip tracks and adjust the volume through a series of swipes and taps. 

Featured in two colors, Silver Gray and Charcoal Gray, the KEF MU7 has a simple and subdued look. The aluminum is sleek and adds to these headphones’ high-quality look and feel. 

Under The Hood Of The KEF MU7 Headphones

The KEF MU7 noise-canceling headphones use Smart Active Noise Cancellation technology that uses multiple filters to capture environmental sounds before applying a specialized algorithm. 

Additionally, the KEF MU7 headphones use enhanced codecs to provide wireless, high-resolution music playback. Each sealed-back ear cup has a full-range dynamic driver that promises pristine playback. 

The KEF MU7 headphones use Bluetooth 5.1, allowing you to take advantage of the advanced codecs available. But if you want uncompressed high-resolution playback through your headphone amp/DAC, you can use the included 3.5mm audio connection. 

Battery life is more than decent with the KEF MU7 headphones. They offer 40 hours of playback with Bluetooth and noise-canceling activated. But if you forget to charge them, you can get eight hours of use from a 15-minute charge. 

Specs and Features Of The KEF MU7 Headphones

Our Take

The KEF MU7 noise-canceling headphones look sleek with their aluminum finish and memory foam ear cups. They promise some pretty powerful performance, with noise-cancelation, wireless Bluetooth lossless audio, and full-resolution audio in one package.

Priced at $399, the KEF MU7 are not mind-blowingly expensive, but they are not cheap. There is lots of competition in the $300-500 range, and KEF has some work on its hands.

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