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Paradigm On-Wall Millenia Speakers LP XL and LP 2 Models

With all the new flat-panel TVs being sold, more and more manufacturers are taking to catering to the aesthetic needs of consumers with flatter speakers that work well with these new displays. The Paradigm On-Wall Millenia Speakers (there are two new models, the Millenia LP 2 and the Millenia LP XL.) These are high-performance speakers that are built with an emphasis on combining the perfect blend of aesthetics and performance. Paradigm claims to have used reference-quality build materials in these speakers—impressive, considering they are only 1-3/4″ deep (as thin as, or thinner than, most flat panel displays sold today).

Paradigm Millenia driver2

It’s no secret that sound from just about any flat panel TV is less than stellar (is “sucktacular” a word?). The trick is, what do you add to get good sound? Some will do a full surround system, but others want to match the aesthetics for which they original purchased the flat panel to begin with. A ZVOX soundbar is certainly an option, but for wall-mounting you’re looking at either a soundbar speaker, in-wall speakers, or on-wall speakers. The Paradign On-Wall Millenia Speakers seem take the latter approach with the Millenia LP 2 and Millenia LP XL speakers. Both speakers produce high fidelity audio from a thin form factor that can be floor-mounted, hung on-wall or sat on a shelf.

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Paradigm designed and engineered both the Millenia LP 2 and Millenia LP XL to work well when placed directly on a wall. The speakers are optimized to avoid dramatic boundary gain, and vibrations are kept to a minimum—even when playing at full volume and mounted to a wall. The tweeter design is new, and a phase ring is camouflaged within the protective screen to improve high frequency response. The mid and bass drivers utilize aluminum cones that move any significant resonance outside the drivers’ pass band. When you only have a 1-3/4” depth profile to work with that really starts to be more than a little impressive. Finally, a perforated tweeter screen and a one-piece baffle present a very streamlined look to the front of the Millenia LP 2 and Millenia LP XL.

Paradigm Millenia tweeter

The new Paradigm On-Wall Speakers (both the Millenia LP 2 and the Millenia LP XL) are designed for either two-channel or multi-channel listening and can even be mounted horizontally if desired. The tweeter dispersion characteristics are such that you don’t get a ton of lobing in either direction. Each speaker includes a table stand, but also a mounting bracket and instructions for wall-mounting. To build a full home theater you would just add additional Millenia LP 2 or Millenia LP XL speakers for the center, surround, and/or rear surround speakers (and hopefully a subwoofer).

The Paradigm Millenia LP 2 On-Wall Speakers are priced at $499 each. The larger Paradigm Millenia LP XL speakers are priced at $699 each. Both speakers are available in Black Gloss and are due early August 2014.

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