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Schneider Electric Announces The APC Back UPS-BE Series Of UPS Devices

In our increasingly more connected world, having a constant power source for our devices has become necessary. Whether for your cable modem, WiFi router, or other connected devices, an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) is a must-have for your setup. To that end, Schneider Electric announces the APC Back UPS-BE series of UPS devices. Offering two models, the 900VA ($159) and 1050VA ($179), these units offer additional uptime for your critical devices, allowing you to work (or play) longer during power outages. Plus, they won’t break the bank. Let’s discuss. 

Under The Hood Of The APC Back-UPS-BE

The APC Back-UPS-BE 900VA and 1050VA have similar designs, featuring 8 NEMA 5-15R outlets. In English, it’s a standard 3-prong outlet capable of handling 15 amps. Six of the outlets have surge protection and battery backup. Two are surge only. There are also a pair of USB-A & C ports, allowing you to directly plug your phones and tablets into the unit to charge. The difference is that the 1050VA can handle an additional 150 volt ampres, allowing you to plug higher draw devices into it. 

Speaking of design, they feature a flat top. This design allows you to stack multiple units, or place your gear on top. A great space-saving design! Schneider Electric also designed these to be user-serviceable, with an easy-to-replace battery. A simple LED interface gives you the unit status at a glance. Green means go, yellow needs attention, and red indicates an overload or battery service. I love simple!

Lastly, the 900VA and 1050VA offer over 100+ minutes of runtime during power outages. That gives you enough time to start charging up your devices or to allow you to safely shut your system down. Or in my case, to get some extra work done before I have to break out the generator!

Our Take

In the UPS market, ease of use is king. The Schneider Electric APC Back UPS-BE series 900VA and 1050VA devices have simplicity in mind. With an easy-to-understand status, minimalist design, and a user-serviceable batter, they understood the assignment. With the APC Back-UPS-BE 900VA priced at $159 and the 1050VA at $179, they offer an affordable way to add 100+ minutes of uptime to your system.

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