SVS SoundPath Tri-Band Wireless Audio Adapter

People love wireless. While wires are somewhat inevitable in home theater, reducing the number of wires can very much open up options for where you can place equipment. No equipment benefits more from subtracting a wire than a subwoofer. While you’ll always need to plug it in for power, running the interconnect from your receiver to a sub across the room is many times prohibitive. To help, SVS has announced its new SoundPath Tri-Band Wireless Audio Adapter. This will send the audio signal from your receiver to a subwoofer anywhere else in the room.

How the SVS SoundPath Tri-Band Wireless Audio Adapter Works

Powered by USB, the SVS SoundPath Tri-Band Wireless Audio Adapter has a sending and receiving unit. The sending unit plugs into your receiver and the receiver to the subwoofer. As the name suggests, it utilizes three different wireless bands. TheTri-Band Wireless Audio Adapter auto-switches between the 2.4 GHz, 5.2 GHz, and 5.8 GHz wireless bands to ensure a stable and interference-free connection. While your subwoofer only needs the lowest frequencies, the adapter sends the full audio range (6Hz to 20kHz). This means that it can not only work with your sub, but if you want to pair it with some powered speakers, you can.

The idea here is consumer convenience and ease of use. There are any number of wireless signals that are floating around your house. WiFi, Bluetooth, microwaves, and more can all cause issues with your wireless signal. While other solutions will offer you multiple channels, they are usually still using the same frequencies. The SVS SoundPath Tri-Band Wireless Audio Adapter will auto-switch between the three bands to make sure your connection is resistant to any interference.

The SoundPath Tri-Band Wireless Audio Adapter is designed to be plug-and-play. Each set is already paired out of the box. While there is a pairing button, you should be able to plug them in and they’ll just work. As we mentioned, you can use these with more than just your subwoofer. If the device has analogue outputs, you can use the Tri-Band adapter. Have a record player or other source that doesn’t fit in the cabinet with the rest of your AV equipment? This will send the audio from that device to your receiver. And since each solution is pre-paired, you can use multiple sets in the same room.

What About the SVS SoundPath Wireless Audio Adapter?

SVS already has a wireless adaptor that costs $80 less. If you are looking for a wireless solution, which should you get? Well, we’d recommend the cheaper one at first. The SoundPath Wireless Audio Adapter has similar specs and performance except that it only uses one band and has slightly less than half the wireless distance (60 feet versus 130 feet). While the distance ratings are always given “line of sight,” you can assume that they’ll work when tucked away, just not as far. The time you’ll want the new SVS SoundPath Tri-Band Wireless Audio Adapter over the less expensive model is when you are having interference issues or when there are dropouts because of distance.


We like this new offering from SVS. We especially like that they are keeping their older, and less expensive, wireless solution. This gives the consumer the maximum choice so that they can save a few bucks if their installation isn’t that challenging but have the more power option available for when they need it.

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