Atlantic Technology Announces FS-BTWS582 Wireless Headphones

Atlantic Technology has introduced its new FS-BTWS582 SKAA wireless headphones. Sporting hi-fidelity, Bluetooth, and low latency performance (36ms), they promise to allow you to listen to your music and TV/movies without any lip-sync issues. Not bad. Available now for $499, they may be the perfect solution for your wireless headphone needs!

So I admit that main my experience with headphones was with the wired ones included with my smartphone. For me, music and movies play over my speakers, and that’s it. Well, that is until my buddy urged me to give his quality headphones a try. They blew me away! But here is the thing, I am not a massive fan of cords. I tried a couple of Bluetooth sets only to find that they worked just fine for music. For TV and movies where latency is a factor, and lip-sync is a concern, Bluetooth was not ideal. At least, for me,

What Is SKAA?

The heart of these wireless headphones is SKAA. SKAA is a wireless audio technology that allows you to connect your devices to wireless headphones and speakers. So it’s BlueTooth? Not really. As I said above, Bluetooth suffers from latency issues, which is a no-no for TV shows and movies. On top of that, Bluetooth has limited bandwidth, so if you are looking for exceptionally high bitrates or lossless audio, it’s not an enthusiast’s first choice.

SKAA doesn’t pair exactly like Bluetooth or PlayFI. With SKAA, you plug a transmitter (a dreaded dongle) into the device you want to “bond.” Press the bond button on your device, and it links. If you’re going to switch between devices, play the media on the device you want to listen to, and press the bond button until it connects. Because it doesn’t pair like Bluetooth or PlayFi, you can easily connect other SKAA enabled devices.

It also allows you to play full lossless audio from your sources. This feature should appeal to enthusiasts who want the very best performance from their gear. The downside is that SKAA is not widely adopted, so there are limited devices with the technology built-in. You will need to have transmitter dongles for your devices. However, as it gains popularity, we could see more devices adding built-in functionality.

The Specs

The Atlantic Technology FS-BTWS582 wireless headphones are a pivoting over-the-ear design. They have large plush, leather-covered closed cups, which should give you excellent sound isolation. They feature an adjustable headband that is foam-lined and covered in matching premium leather. It comes in three different colors, Satin Black, Cotton White, and Classic Blue. Add some rose-gold accents and trim, and these look as good as they promise to sound.

Inside, you will find some large 50mm full-range Mylar drivers with Neodymium magnets. This configuration promises full and rich sound, with clear highs and deep bass. The Atlantic Technology FS-BTWS582 wireless headphones have 32-ohm impedance, making them easy to drive. They are 114dB sensitive, meaning they should be clear and distortion-free at any listening level.

The Atlantic Technology FS-BTWS582 wireless headphones are powered from a lithium-ion battery charged via a USB A to C cable. They should run for 12 hours on a single charge. Any USB 2.0 power source will charge these, so no worries about finding a charging block. If you want to go wired, the Atlantic Technology FS-BTWS582 headphones include a 4.5-foot “audiophile-grade” braided cable with an in-line microphone and phone controls. They are tipped with a gold-plated 3.5mm jack.

Controls and ports include charging and analog audio ports, onboard microphone, smartphone controls +/- volume and track, power on/off, Bluetooth/SKAA selection, Bluetooth pairing, and SKAA bonding/selection. Multi-color LEDs indicate mode and function status for easy operation.

Our Take

The Atlantic Technology FS-BTWS582 wireless headphones, priced at $499, are an attractive option for those who want a high-performance wireless solution. Offering a solid and fast connection with SKAA, plus Bluetooth pairing and a wired connection, it is a very versatile pair of headphones. While still forced to use the dreaded dongle for the superior SKAA connection, it’s a small price to pay for a higher fidelity solution. Plus, as the SKAA technology gains traction, we might see more devices adding this as a built-in connection option. Check them out!

For more information, visit AtlanticTechnology.com.

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