The Best Subwoofers In 2024 – Price Matters!

The subwoofer is (in my opinion) THE speaker that gives your home theater the “wow” factor. Most of my buddies consume their media through small Bluetooth speakers, soundbars, or (gasp) TV speakers! So it’s always fun to see their reaction when my dual subwoofers make them jump when an explosion rips across the screen. However, not everyone has the same budget. So, we picked the best subwoofers in 2024 for ALL budgets. Today – price matters! Let’s discuss.

And before I begin, I would like to thank Rob H of AV Rant Podcast. Rob H was gracious enough to lend me his insight to help me create and hone this list.

The Criteria

Subwoofers can be small, cheap, or play low/loud – pick two!

Tom Andry – Editor In Chief – AV Gadgets

The criteria for the best subwoofers in 2024 is simple. It has to be a subwoofer, and it has to be available in 2024! Joking aside, I am going to look at subwoofers that meet any budget but still get the job done. That does not mean I will add a subwoofer because it’s cheap. It needs to be value-priced, but have some level of performance. Not an easy task, but thankfully we have lots of choices nowadays!

Best Subwoofers Based on Price

Sometimes, the most important metric you use to gauge your purchase is price. If you are limited in your budget, here are some subs that hit very specific price points.

Best Subwoofer Under $300

When I say “budget” subwoofer, most folks think cheap! Unfortunately, cheap usually equates to bad. The Monoprice SW-15 is the exception to the rule. At $299, this 15″ subwoofer is budget-friendly. It’s driven by an 800W (peak) amplifier that will give you respectable bass from 30Hz to 150Hz (-10dB). While that is not subterranean bass, at $299, that is pretty darn impressive!

I will be upfront in saying that the Monoprice SW-15 won’t win any beauty awards, but it’s a subwoofer. You throw it in a corner and forget it. However, for $299 you get a lot of features including stereo and speaker line level connections, a phase switch, plus gain and low pass filter control. It’s not hard to see why I chose the Monoprice SW-15 as one of the best subwoofers in 2024!

Best Subwoofer Under $500

I didn’t have to think very hard about this one. The RSL Speedwoofer 10S MKII ($449 USD) is an easy choice. Aside from being easy on the wallet, it boasts some impressive specs. The 10S MKII is a 10″, sealed subwoofer with 400W RMS (1200W peak) of power, with a frequency rating of 22-200Hz. That is darn impressive for $449. If you corner load this little beast (and most of us do), you can get down to 18Hz +/- 3db in a smallish room.

Plus it’s not hard to hide the RSL Speedwoofer 10S MKII in a room. It’s just about a 15″ cube, so while large, it’s not nearly as big as some of the other subwoofers I will suggest later. Plus, it’s about 50 lbs, so you don’t need to worry about throwing out your back setting this one up!

Best “Boom For Your Buck” Subwoofer

If you care about price but care more about value, I’ve got a subwoofer for you! My choice for the best “boom for your buck” is the HSU VTF-TN1 ($1199). It boasts a 15″ woofer, backed by 600W RMS (2000W peak) amplifier that can dig down to 14Hz. It is not “small” at 30″H x 18.5″W x 8.5″D (85lbs), but because of its verticality, it could be easier to get one (or two) into a room without it dominating the space.

What really pushed me over the edge is the $1199 price tag. The VTF-TN1 is $50 cheaper than the outgoing VTF-15H Mk2 and is priced lower than most subwoofers in the segment. The downside? It’s been sold out since it was announced, and pre-orders are just being filled now (June 2024).

Our Take

For the budding audio enthusiast, price matters! My entire first system was picked up on a budget, and piecemeal. I did not have the number of choices we have now in 2024, so when I built my first system, it was entirely used gear. I would have been over the moon to have so many choices available.

The takeaway should be that you no longer have to completely sacrifice performance for budget. While with sub-$500 subwoofers you will not get the BEST performance, it will be adequate, and it is not junk! At the same time, there are some real bargains in that $1-1200 range that punch way above their weight class! It’s a good time to buy subwoofers!

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