AV Rant Interviews Todd Welti

Todd Welti, Distinguished Engineer at Harman International Inc., has been doing subwoofer and other audio research for years. His work on subwoofers has informed our opinions on placement and setup. We were extremely interested to hear his current views on subwoofers and were pleased to learn that the AV Rant podcast had secured an interview with him.

The audio for the most part isn’t as high-fidelity as we usually hear from AV Rant. Because of technical glitches, they had to use the audio from the Skype call. There is one moment where Mr. Welti desyncs for a second but you don’t miss much. The interview is fascinating, and we get a lot of insight into what Todd has been doing since the release of the seminal white paper (PDF) “Subwoofers: Optimum Number and Locations.” Mr. Welti has promised to return to the podcast to talk about his more recent work on headphones which is something we would very much like to hear.

The podcast lasts for a little more than an hour (which is actually shorter than a normal AV Rant podcast). Towards the end, Todd references some slides. If you watch the YouTube version of the podcast, you can see the slides. If you are audio-only, the papers that contain the slides are linked in the show notes.

Check out the interview at AV Rant to hear all about Todd Welti and his current views on subwoofers. Enjoy! We certainly did!

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