Beyerdynamic SPACE Portable Speakerphone Review – More Than Just a Speakerphone!

The Beyerdynamic SPACE portable speakerphone promises a new way to take and place calls. We were fortunate enough to get a preview model to test out prior to launch. So far, I have to say that calling it a speakerphone seems to be a disservice. Yes, it is designed primarily as a speakerphone. But the Beyerdynamic SPACE does so much more than your normal speakerphone. Let’s take a closer look.

Beyerdynamic SPACE Unboxing and Pairing

The Beyerdynamic SPACE portable speakerphone packaging is made of recycled material—all the way down to the twine used to secure the included USB-C cable. Included in the box are the speaker, the cable, a USB-C to USB-A adaptor, and a carrying bag. As seems to be the new norm, there was no included wall charger. I guess everyone assumes you already have a bunch of those.

They’re right.

The speaker came with a full charge, so I went right to Bluetooth pairing. Turning on the speaker was as easy as holding down the power button on the side for a few seconds. As is my habit, I refused to look at the manual and instead just found the Bluetooth icon and held it down. After a couple of seconds, the light near it turned red. My phone immediately picked up the speaker and paired.

After I eventually reviewed the manual, I found out that the Beyerdynamic SPACE speakerphone can be paired to more than one device. To test this, I connected it to my desktop computer as well. I started some music on my phone and then started different music on the desktop. The desktop music immediately took precedence followed by a pop-up warning on my phone letting me know what had happened. It also gave me the option to undo it. I very much like how this works.


The Beyerdynamic SPACE portable speakerphone is so much more than just a hands-free device. Yes, it does speakerphone things. There are four microphones around the perimeter of the speaker to pick up voices in all directions. It gives you dedicated buttons for answering and disconnecting from calls. The speaker even adjusts voice volume automatically and allows both sides of the conversation to overlap without audio dropouts.

The Beyerdynamic SPACE also uses DSP to detect and cancel out any echoes or reverberations. For security, the SPACE even has the ability to lock out additional Bluetooth connections once you get it set up. There’s nothing worse than taking an important conference call only to have someone take over your device (on purpose or otherwise).

Two of the mics are seen here. The small holes on either end.

As a portable speaker, the Beyerdynamic SPACE goes beyond the capabilities of a simple speakerphone. Featuring a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and up to 20 hours of operation, this speaker can go with you anywhere. I could see the speaker living in a meeting room constantly plugged in. When someone needs to do a presentation off-site, they just throw it in their briefcase and go. It even comes with a small travel bag, and the small, flat design packs easily.

Of course, you can also just buy two.


You control the Beyerdynamic SPACE portable speakerphone with the capacitance buttons on the top. There is a multi-color ring that lights up. It can display how much battery you have left and the volume level. More importantly, it lights up near any controls that are either being used or which can be used. For example, when using the SPACE for a call, the ring lit up red near the disconnect button and green near the accept call button. Very useful!

Beyond that, the SPACE portable speakerphone is just so very well thought out. The back has a threaded insert for mounting. There is a slot that can store the USB-C to USB-A adapter. The “Y” button (the Beyerdynamic logo) can control your music or enable voice assistant control. The rubber feet on the bottom keep the speaker from vibrating on the table if you try to play heavy bass through it.

Sound and Call Quality

Sound quality is always a consideration with these speakers. For calls, I tested it out both nearfield and across the room. Those on the other end said they could tell I was on a speakerphone, but that they could clearly hear me. I even walked up to 10 feet away. They reported that I sounded farther away, but that they could still clearly hear my voice.

As you’d expect from such a small speaker, the Beyerdynamic SPACE portable speakerphone doesn’t get exceptionally loud. It gets plenty loud for casual listening and for calls. Honestly, I was glad they put rubber feet on the bottom. At max volume, I was afraid that it would vibrate my desk or walk itself off the side. The rubber feet stopped that from happening. They also likely help alleviate bumps and other noises from getting into your call.

The quality of the audio, however, is fantastic. No, you aren’t going to get tons of deep bass out of it, but what it can do, it does well. The highs are well extended, the presentation is balanced, and the music lifelike. Honestly, the SPACE speaker is as good sounding (if not as loud) as any portable speaker I’ve tested. Even at max volume, it sounded great. No distortion, no crackling. Just the clean, clear sound you’d expect from Beyerdynamic.

You can pair two of the Beyerdynamic SPACE portable speakerphones together to provide stereo sound. I didn’t have a second unit so I couldn’t test out that feature.


One complaint I’ve seen in other reports on the SPACE speakerphone is pricing. At $179, it certainly isn’t the least expensive speakerphone or portable speaker. When you put them together and add in Beyerdynamic sound quality, I think it is a well-priced product. Can you find something cheaper out there? Absolutely. But will it sound as good or operate as flawlessly? I’m doubtful.

Take Away

If you are going to buy a speakerphone, it isn’t a purchase you want to make more than once. The Beyerdynamic SPACE portable speakerphone ticks all the boxes you might want. It can be used as a portable speaker for presentations or paired with a twin for stereo sound. And, of course, it functions as a top-notch speakerphone. The SPACE is pricy, but in this case, I think you get what you pay for.

Check out the Beyerdynamic SPACE on their website.

Beyerdynamic SPACE Specs

Bluetooth® frequency response2,400 to 2,4835 GHz
Maximum speaker power5 W RMS
Sound pressure levelSPL = 73.8 dBA (pink noise),
SPLmax=81 dB @ 1 kHz
Microphone type4 × MEMS
Frequency range microphone100 Hz to 10 kHz
Supported profilesHFP, A2DP
Bluetooth® version5.0
Battery technologyLithium-ion
Battery runtime20 hours with communication
Charging connectionUSB-C
Charging time2.5 hours (5 V / 1.5 A)
Firmware update possibleYes
Length × width × height (mm)132 × 132 × 40
Weight354 g

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