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Can I Transfer My Dirac License?

If you’ve followed recent trends and spent any time online you would have heard of Dirac. Dirac is a new(ish) room correction system. It has started showing up in new AV receiver offerings but sometimes requires additional purchases. In those receivers, they often have another room correction program, and the Dirac purchase is considered an “upgrade.” That purchase is called a license. You aren’t sure that you’ll even like Dirac so spending that extra money is hard to swallow. Unless it somehow adds value to your receiver? Can you transfer your Dirac license when you sell your AV receiver? Let’s discuss!

Short Answer – Yes!

If you check out Dirac’s FAQ, you’ll find the following:

License transfers are possible if you are selling your hardware device and the new owner wants to take ownership of the Dirac Live license, or if you experienced hardware failure and are using a replacement device of the same model. In either case, please create a ticket on our Help Desk, and our support staff will initiate the transfer.

What this means is that the Dirac license will follow the device if you sell it. If you have a problem with your original unit and get a replacement (of the same model), you can transfer your license to this new (identical model) device.

What About if You Upgrade?

Dirac is specific about which devices you can transfer a license to. It needs to be the same model that is replacing a faulty unit. But if you can transfer your license between devices you own, couldn’t you upgrade? Not according to Dirac:

Transferring or using licenses across multiple devices or models is not supported. For example, if you bought a license for an NAD M10 and are now buying a Denon X3800H, you will need to purchase a new license, as your NAD license is not transferable to the Denon.

While the example they give references switching receiver manufacturers, we can safely assume that the answer will be the same if you are upgrading receivers within manufacturers.

Take Away

Yes, if you buy a Dirac license for your AV receiver, you will be able to transfer it to a new owner if you sell it. This should allow you to ask for more money when you put it up for sale. While you are unlikely to recoup all your money, it should make it easier to resell your AV receiver.

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