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Can You Wall Mount Atmos Modules?

It’s hard to jump whole hog into a new hobby. When you first started down the path to a home theater, you tried to dip your toe in. Maybe you started with a soundbar, upgraded to a couple of speakers, and now you’ve got a full system. Atmos, with its on-ceiling speakers, seemed to be a step too far. Instead, you bought a couple of the Atmos modules that are designed to sit on top of your speakers and bounce sound off the ceiling. You’ve come to regret that decision. You’ve decided that you should have gotten some on-wall or on-ceiling speakers instead. That has you thinking: Could you use your atmos modules as wall-mounted speakers? Or even on the ceiling? More importantly, would it sound good? Let’s discuss!

Mounting Options

The first question you might have is if this would physically work. Can you wall mount or ceiling mount Atmos modules? We’d have to say yes. There are lots of mounts out there. Many will take a speaker that isn’t designed to be mounted on a wall or ceiling and do just that.

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More importantly, most Atmos modules will come with some sort of wall or ceiling mounting solution. It might be a threaded insert or a keyhole mount, but it will have something. This should clue you into the answer to your second question.

Will It Sound Good

If your Atmos module has any sort of mounting solution, it indicates that the manufacturer designed the module with other uses in mind. Yes, that includes surround duties. Even if your speakers were solely designed as Atmos modules, they will likely be fine if you figure out a way to wall or ceiling-mount them. Atmos speakers don’t need to be all that capable as their content isn’t very taxing. That’s why we often recommend cheap Atmos speakers. Even if you were to pair them with other overhead or wall-mounted speakers, we doubt you’d be able to hear much of a difference.

Will they sound good wall-mounted? Almost certainly.

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