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Denon AVR-X1100W Receiver Preview

The new Denon AVR-X1100W receiver is a 7.2 channel model in its In-Command series. It’s an update to the AVR-X1000 and adds an additional two assignable amplifier channels. Also, for the first time, Denon brings integrated wireless networking features to a Denon AV receiver that sells for under $500. It also adds built-in Bluetooth audio streaming and HDMI 2.0 support—making it ready for 4K at up to 60 fps (frames per second). This is a hot receiver that should literally fly off the shelves this season.

Discrete amplifiers on the Denon AVR-X1100W put out 80 watts per channel. That’s when measured into 8-ohms, 20Hz-20kHz at 0.08% THD and with 2-channels driven. This surround receiver is 4-ohm capable, so it will work well with common in-ceiling speakers that often have lower impedances in parallel (Assignable Surround Back amplifiers make for some flexible Zone 2 applications). HDMI 2.0 isn’t the only cool thing supported, you also get the expected 3D, ARC, CEC, and HDMI Pass-Through.

Denon AVR-X1100W Receiver Connections

There are 5 rear and 1 front panel HDMI inputs. The included Bluetooth audio feature has an 8 device memory and the USB input is iOS-compatible. The receiver is AirPlay-compatible, supports DLNA 1.5, and has Internet radio, Spotify, Flickr, and SiriusXM streaming services. All of this networking ability can be either hardwired or supplied via the dual antenna WiFi that is built right in.

Audyssey MultEQ XT auto setup and room EQ (with microphone) is provided so configuring your system for optimal performance should be a breeze. The power cable is detachable for those who need a custom solution or rackmountability, and Denon includes its impressive 3-year parts and labor warranty.

Denon AVR-X1100W receiver

Features & Specs

  • 80 watts per channel (8-ohms, 20Hz-20kHz at 0.08% THD)
  • HDMI 2.0
  • 4-ohm capable
  • Assignable Surround Back amplifiers
  • 4K60 support
  • 6 HDMI inputs (5 rear/1 front)
  • Bluetooth audio with 8 device memory
  • iOS Compatible USB input
  • Audyssey MultEQ XT auto setup and room EQ
  • Dual Antenna WiFi Built in
  • Networking: AirPlay, DLNA 1.5, Internet Radio, Spotify, Pandora, Flickr, and SiriusXM
  • iOS and Android control app-ready
  • Variable Zone 2 Preamp Outputs
  • Detachable Power Cord
  • Three Year Parts and Labor Warranty

The Denon AVR-X1100W will retail at $549.99 but Audiogurus will have an initial discount and make these available for $499. The receiver will ship in June 2014.

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2 Comments on Denon AVR-X1100W Receiver Preview

  1. Daniel Gamboa

    Hello Clint,

    I bought the denon AVR-x1100W and I have 2 klipsch R-15M. I was planning to buy two klipsch R-14S, the R-25C and the R110-SW but I am not sure anymore if all those speakers work fine with the receiver I have. How can I know the relation I should have between the receiver power output and the speaker?? In this case the receiver has 80W and some of the speakers are 85W, the center 100W and the R-14S are 50W.

    • You actually will find that those speakers are quite efficient and will work very well with the AVR-X1100W. The chief cause of problems is when you try to drive a set of speakers too hard with an underpowered receiver. In your case that would only happen if your room were very, very big and/or extremely dampened (no reflections). This could cause the amplifier to have to work much harder to get the volume you need. If you ever have an AV receiver that is maxed out on volume (with all source inputs also set to 80% or higher), and you can’t get enough volume, then it’s typically a good indicator that you need more power.

      I think that receiver is a fine match for those speakers. You can always go with a higher QUALITY receiver, but you won’t be endangering your speakers and you should have more than enough volume (given the caveats above).

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