Denon DSB-150 Bluetooth speaker Portable

Denon DSB-150 Bluetooth Speaker

I remember when Denon released the Cocoon series and then the DSB-200 portable Bluetooth speaker. These products were different than anything they’d done before, and they broke new ground in their design philosophy. Now, they have revealed the Denon DSB-150 Bluetooth Speaker – a more executive-looking model that has a more traditional style. This is a powered Bluetooth speaker that comes with the Denon sound quality you’ve come to expect. Denon also included the high-fidelity and low-latency AptX Bluetooth CODEC, so you can expect a higher level of streaming audio from your tunes when you use an AptX-compatible device.

And while it has Bluetooth audio, they didn’t stop there. The Denon DSB-150 Bluetooth speaker comes with NFC (Near Field Contact) capability where you can simply “tap to pair” with your NFC-compatible smart phone. This is essentially super-fast Bluetooth pairing that avoids any need to enter codes or even set up a device on your Bluetooth network. As a backup—or if you simply have a legacy device you want to connect—the Denon DSB-150 includes an 1/8″ analogue input. The portable Bluetooth speaker also has BassTrac circuitry to manage bass output dynamically. This lets the speaker produce different amounts of bass depending upon the output level. It’s basically a fancy loudness control, but it’s a significant inclusion as most portable speakers lack this function. When you deal with a small set of drivers, bass quickly suffers at low levels. This should alleviate a lot of that and bring back the low end richness when you;’re not blasting the DSB-150 at full volume.

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The Denon DSB-150 Bluetooth speaker also includes a headphone output in the event you just want to listen to your connected source device privately, and there is even an IR remote control that lets you control volume and input selection. The Denon DSB-150 has a lot of output, but does so with a small footprint—it measures just 6″ x 15.75″ x 5.25″ and weighs 4.5 pounds. It will retail for $199 but Audiogurus should be able to knock a bit off that price when the speaker debuts later this month.

Buy the Denon DSB-150 at Audiogurus

For more information please visit the Denon USA website.

2 Comments on Denon DSB-150 Bluetooth Speaker

  1. zaki khurram

    This unit gives audiophile quality with such a massive sound stage, awesome imaging, forward sounding Mid, neutral to slightly crisp sounding highs… Better than any other bluetooth speaker available in market. ideal for instrumental, classical, jazz lovers..

    Not for bass heads…. must have one… although i have two of those 🙂

  2. Spencer

    Hello – I am trying to find out as much as possible about BLUETOOTH AUDIO .. please.?? I am researching this subject, as I would like to attempt to create / design a bluetooth audio system.. I am not interested in taking on “the big boys”. I want to learn all about it, as a point of achievement..!!. thanks.
    If anyone reading this.. can help me.. I would really appreciate it..
    I am 67 years old .. and would like to maybe design and build me a complete prototype system .. just that I can say.. i have learned about bluetooth audio – and made my own..
    For me it will be a great day, when I can have two boxes on my workbench.. a LEFT box, and a RIGHT box.. and send those boxes via bluetooth audio.. signals so that I have a LEFT sound, and a RIGHT sound..
    I live in South Africa..
    I can be contacted on whatsapp / telegram .. at +27 71 743 4842 … thank you….

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