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DISH Anywhere App Update Adds Personalization

The latest DISH Anywhere app update delivers a new interface and enhanced personalization capabilities, modernizing the design and giving a more image-driven user interface. With the newly updated app, users can find new shows from personalized recommendations given by the software. Thew new update is available to anyone using the app on the iPad, Android or Kindle tablets.

I love the DISH Anywhere app. It lets anyone with a Hopper with Sling DVR the ability to view live, recorded and Video On Demand content. Plus, you can either watch this content at home, or transfer the material to your portable device using your homes wireless network, and then take your programming with you. The update delivers a modernized user interface, and I love the new capabilities that recommend programs based on your preferences and past shows. Check out the new Recommendation interface:

Kindle fire recommended programs

On the Kindle fire, this is a screenshot of the recommended programs page that gives you shows and movies based on your viewing habits.

This new DISH Anywhere app update creates a much more “image-centric” design that gives you oversized program images for each show or movie. The background is dark, giving it a more cinematic feel as well. I’m a fan of the dark background, particularly because of the better response when watching and navigating the menus on a dark plane.

This is definitely more than just an aesthetic upgrade. The new Recommendation engine and redesigned interface is helpful and lends itself to finding and choosing movies and shows much more easily.

The DISH Anywhere App Update Adds

  • Program recommendations: This feature enables customers to discover new shows based on what they are currently watching and what they have previously viewed.
  • Watchlist: Customers can add shows and movies to a “Watchlist,” consolidating desired TV programs into an easily-accessible queue for future viewing.
  • Recents: This drop down menu gives customers the ability to quickly resume recently viewed recordings and Video On Demand titles.
  • Media page: This feature aggregates information from the Guide, DVR recordings and Video On Demand into one place so users can easily see all of the available ways to watch a specific program, including, if a show is currently on TV, when upcoming episodes are airing, and whether or not episodes are recorded on their Hopper or accessible within Video On Demand.
  • What’s Hot: Previously available only on Hopper and DISH Explorer™, the What’s Hot feature makes it easy to find a TV show, movie or sports event to watch by highlighting the most popular programs based on real-time data from viewers. Programs can be filtered by local or national viewership and different genres.
  • Remote: Customers can control their TV from their tablet using a built-in DISH remote. This includes the ability to turn a TV on/off, change channels, adjust volume, access the Hopper menu, and set and playback recorded content.

This DISH Anywhere app update is a free upgrade for iPads, Android and Kindle tablets (the app is no cost for DISH subscribers). iPhone and Android smart phone users should also see the update later this year. For more information, please visit or call 1-800-333-DISH.

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