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DISH Voice Remote Supports Spanish Commands

There are over 50 million Spanish speaking people in the United States. While DishLATINO customers have been able to access Spanish-speaking channels for some time, newer voice commands have been available only for English-speaking customers. This week, however, DISH has expanded Spanish-language support to their voice remote.

Spanish speakers can use all new and existing DISH voice remotes (with a connected receiver) to navigate, play, pause, fast-forward, rewind and search both live and on-demand content. You just press the microphone button on your remote, and it will understand Spanish commands, including:

– “¿Qué partidos de fútbol están dando ahora?” (What soccer games are on now?)
– “Abre la guia” (Open the Guide)
– “Ve al canal 829” (Go to Channel 829)
– “Sintoniza Netflix” (Tune to Netflix)
– “Ve a Inglés Para Todos” (Go to Inglés Para Todos)

The DISH voice remote, first introduced in 2016 with English-language support, works with all connected generations of the DISH Hopper DVR, as well as Joey, Wireless Joey, 4K Joey, and Super Joey clients. New DISH customers receive the remote with a Hopper DVR at no extra cost, while existing customers can upgrade for $20.

Enabling Spanish for DISH Voice Remote

To enable Spanish language functionality on your voice remote, your receiver’s menu language must be set to Spanish. To change your menu language settings, follow the steps below.

– Select Menu Language app
– Click Menu Language > Select Español (Spanish)
– Go to Menu > Settings

To learn more about Spanish for our voice remote, visit the DishLATINO website.

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