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DISH Hopper 3 YouTube App Added for Consumers

Last week the DISH Hopper 3 YouTube app was added to its Hopper 3 DVRs. Now you can get your full allotment of presidential debate recaps, news media gaffs, and cute kitten videos. YouTube is bringing a lot more original content from various creators around the world. The addition of the YouTube app seems perfectly timed. With the app, DISH customers can access popular YouTube videos and also television programming without having to change inputs or devices.

DISH Hopper 3 YouTube App Added Last Week

The way DISH adds new apps is through late night software “push” updates. This week’s push update included the new YouTube app. Only DISH Hopper 3 DVRs have the new YouTube app functionality. Interestingly, this update means that DISH is the first nationwide pay-TV provider to deliver YouTube via a set-top box. With the DISH Hopper 3 you can now access Youtube, Netflix, Pandora, Vevo and more.

“We designed Hopper 3 to be much more than a conventional set-top box. By aggregating apps like YouTube and Netflix with live linear television, Hopper 3 is capable of serving as a household’s comprehensive entertainment hub.”

– Niraj Desai, DISH vice president of product management

One thing that sets DISH apart is their excellent search features. With just one search function, DISH Hopper 3 users can search and watch content from YouTube and YouTube Red accounts. DISH also continues to offer OnDemand, DVR, DISH, and Netflix programming.

You can access the YouTube app through the Apps menu, the “App” button on the remote, or via channel 371. You can also use the YouTube app on your mobile devices to “cast” videos directly to their Hopper 3 and view them on televisions or projectors.

If you already have a DISH Hopper 3, this update should already be on your system. You can check your software to see if YouTube is ready for you to search and use.

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