EarFun Air Pro 3 Earbud Review – You WILL Buy These Earbuds!

I haven’t exactly buried the lede with the title of this review. You might wonder…how do I know? How can I be sure that you’ll purchase a pair of the EarFun Air Pro 3 earbuds? Around here, we care about price to performance more than anything. We don’t care if something costs a ton of money, we just care that the price is justified. With the EarFun Air Pro 3 earbuds, you are getting all that quality at a ridiculously low price. How low? Try $80 retail. But we’ve got a coupon code that will bring that down to $60. Interested? Read on!

EarFun Air Pro 3 Earbud Specs

  • All-new Multi-device Connectivity
  • Build-in Qualcomm® QCC3071 SoC with aptX™ adaptive Audio Tech
  • QuietSmart™ 2.0 Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation up to 43dB
  • Enhanced 6-mic array + cVc™ 8.0 tech for Superior Clarity Call Quality
  • Bluetooth 5.3 + Next-gen LE Audio & LC3 codec, for ultra-low power consumption and stable transmission
  • Premium Immersive Sound with 11mm Wool Composite Drivers
  • <55ms Ultra Low Latency Mode for Better Video & Gaming Experience
  • IPX5 Sweat & Water Resistant
  • 45-hour Playtime: 9 Hours + 36Hours with Charging Case
    Fast Charging, 10 Min Charging = 2 Hours Playtime
  • Wireless Charging Compatible

EarFun Air Pro 3 Overview

The Air Pro 3 earbuds tick all the boxes. They have your standard “wand” design. We like this design as it makes it easy to place the earbud in your ear securely. Rather than a “squeeze” control scheme, these require you to tap on the disc just behind the driver (see the picture below). We like this design as it allows the entirety of the wand to be grasped without sending erroneous commands. The small tap area might be seen by some as a negative, but we actually like it. The area is slightly concave making it easier to know when you’ve hit the right spot. The small area limits accidental commands.

The EarFun case is fairly standard. It can be plugged in for charging or will charge inductively. The earbuds can run for a claimed 9 hours without ANC (active noise canceling) and 7 hours with ANC engaged. The earbuds will charge in about an hour with the case charging in around two when hardwired. Inductive charging the case will take about three and a half hours. The case holds four charges for the earbuds. We didn’t test the full extent of the battery or the charging times.

With budget earbuds, you often experience inconsistent Bluetooth performance or occasional cutouts. This was not the case with the EarFun Air Pro 3 earbuds. Taking one earbud out and putting it in the case didn’t interrupt playback at all. That is nearly unheard-of at this price point.

Using the EarFun Air Pro 3 App

Like nearly all wireless headphones these days, the EarFun Air Pro 3 earbuds sport an app for control and configuration. As apps go, this one is pretty minimal. You can customize your control scheme for each earbud. You’ve got options for single, double, and triple tap as well as long presses. Most apps have access to the controls on the front page but EarFun has buried it inside the Settings (gear icon at the top, right of the screen).

On the front page, you can select between listening modes (Noise Canceling, Ambient Sound, and Normal), enable Game Mode, access the Equalizer, and access the product tutorial. At the time of review, the tutorial was just a PDF of the user manual. From what I could tell through my testing, the EarFun Air Pro 3 earbuds mostly remembered your listening mode between sessions. If you had Ambient Sound on the last time you were using them, they often started off in that mode. But not always. The Game Mode (low latency) definitely reset between listening sessions.

The EQ has four presets with the ability to set your own EQ and save it to memory. The EQ modes you were using was remembered between listening sessions. I normally use headphones in the “flat” setting. This lets me hear how the headphones sound without artificially changing the response. The EQ has six sliders at 63, 180, 500, 1000, 8000, and 15000Hz. They can boost or cut those frequencies by 10dB (according to the graph). The changes happen in real time so you can test the results out as you listen.

Sound Quality

Once you find the perfect eartip out of the selection of four, you are in for a treat. The EarFun Air Pro 3 earbuds are remarkably even in their response. Listening to sweeps, they kicked in just above 20Hz and stayed flat all the way through the frequency response. I was particularly impressed with the very highest notes that I could hear (around 18kHz). These were without severe distortion and everything below 15kHz was very clear and without any hint of harshness. The low end was very even and extended cleanly all the way down to 20Hz, again without any distortion.

Subjectively, I can only say that I loved my time with the EarFun Air Pro 3 earbuds. Before listening to the sweeps, I would have guessed that they had a tipped-up bass response. The bass was so authoritative and everpresent. With the sweeps showing a more even response, I can only report that the amount of bass I experienced was impressive. If you love bass, you are going to love these. These headphones were totally engaging with nearly all content albeit streamed music, online videos, or games. I didn’t notice any lipsync issues with or without game mode engaged. As I mostly use my earbuds to listen to music, low latency modes don’t really factor into my usage.

When evaluating headphones, there is more than just bass to consider. Any amount of distortion can cause listener fatigue. There wasn’t a hint of distortion with the Air Pro 3 earbuds. The eartips were also extremely comfortable for me and allowed for very long listening sessions. The IPx5 rating means that the EarFun Air Pro 3 earbuds can survive even your most intense workouts. These are headphones you can use all day no matter what you are doing.


When I come across something strange with a product, I like to point it out. It might encourage the manufacturer to fix it in a future firmware update, or at least let users that notice it know that they are not the only one. I’ve already mentioned the app. Having a big button for “tutorial” that just leads to a PDF of the user manual seems a waste. A better use for that button would be to access the control configuration screen.

When using the headphones, I did notice that the left earbud seemed to be the master. If I took out one headphone and set it down without putting it in the case, they acted differently. When I took out the right earbud and walked away, the left earbud (the one in my ear) would stay connected to the phone in my pocket without an issue. If I did the reverse and left the left earbud out and not in the case, the right one would lose connection to the phone in my pocket.

This indicated to me that the main connection to the phone was with the left earbud. If both earbuds were out of the case, the left would connect to the phone and the right to the left. Now, if I took an earbud out and put it in the case, the other earbud would connect directly to the phone. So…the moral is to always put your free earbud in the case if you are only going to use one?

Wrap Up

I started this review saying that you would buy these headphones. I stand by that statement. The EarFun Air Pro 3 earbuds have no right to sound as good as they do at their $80 MSRP. Right now, you can get 15% off the Amazon price with coupon code AP315OFF. At $60, these are an absolute steal. This coupon will only work for a limited time. If I were you, I’d grab a pair or two (or more) as stocking stuffers for your kids for Christmas. Heck, grab an extra pair for yourself. You may find they are your new favorite headphones!

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