Electronics Gifts 2017 Christmas Edition Buying Guides

Electronics Gifts 2017 Christmas Edition

Our Electronics Gifts 2017 Edition is chock full of great audio/video/gadget products to help you find the perfect gifts for your loved ones this Christmas. What’s more—we broke it down into price ranges, so you can shop according to your budget. That lets you still get the best bang for your buck, and grab the hottest electronics gifts of the 2017 holiday season. This is one Christmas gift guide you don’t want to ignore!

Electronics Gifts 2017 Edition – Under $100

Check out these recommended electronics gifts if you have a limited budget (wait, that just described all of us!). This is also good for extended family, or that minimum wage barista you want to bless at the local coffee shop!

Vava Moov 28 earphonesVAVA Moov 28 Bluetooth Headphones

Price: $33.99

Why We Like It: These aluminum earphones have a nice ergonomic design that keeps them in place and provides isolated sound. They also provide up to 8 hours on just 2-hours of charging time thanks to an integrated 120 mAh battery. The earphones are also IPX5, so they can handle splashes of water or light rain. Finally, Apt-X allows near-CD quality audio to stream over Bluetooth with support for A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, and HFP profiles.

More info: https://www.vava.com/audiovisual-earphones/VA-BH009-2E2CFF6692E5

Hercules WAE Outdoor 04Plus FM Speaker

Hercules WAE Outdoor 04Plus FM

Price: $79.99

Why We Like It: Hercules designed the WAE Outdoor 04Plus FM wireless speaker for riders. It’s perfect for bringing your favorite music along for your rides—even FM radio. This IP67-certified speaker resists water and provides total protection against dust, sand, and mud. It’s also shock-resistant, has over 10 hours battery life, and is made with reinforced rubber end-pieces. Take it anywhere!

More info: http://www.hercules.com/us/wireless-audio/bdd/p/264/wae-outdoor-04plus-fm/

Focal Spark wireless headphonesFocal Spark/Spark Wireless in-ear Headphones

Price: $69 ($99 Wireless)

Why We Like It: From the anti-tangle flat cord to the convenience of an integrated microphone, the Focal Spark in-ear headphones come across as well-designed. It’s the audio quality, however, that lands them on our 2017 electronics gift guide. If that weren’t enough, you can get the Focal Spark earphones in both wired ($69) and wireless ($99) models with very similar sound profiles.

Where to get it: http://www.focal.com/headphones

Steel Series Arctis 3 HeadsetSteelSeries Arctis 3 Headset

Price: $79.99

Why We Like It: The SteelSeries Arctis 3 Headset is perfect for the gamer—and right in time for the Nintendo Switch. It features lots of “trendy” marketing words for its attributes. From the large “S1” speaker drivers, to the “ClearCast” microphone and “Ski Goggle” headband, what’s clear is the Arctis 3 is well-made. It also sounds great for gaming and should work very well for anyone looking to connect via the dual 3.5mm, 3-pole plug or the single 3.5mm, 4-pole plug (which works using the included adapter.)

Where to get it: http://steelseries.com/arctiscolors

Phiaton BT 390 Wireless Headphones

Phiaton BT 390 Wireless HeadphonesPrice: $79

Why We Like It: The new BT 390 Wireless Headphones combine Bluetooth 4.1 wireless technology with up to 30 hours of battery life. Unless you’re cramming for finals—that’s pretty much non-stop music between sleep cycles. Phiaton uses 40mm drivers with oversized Neodymium magnets for ample bass. The padded ear and head cushions offer a comfortable fit for extended use, while the fold and go design make these small headphones ideal for commuters and frequent travelers. The BT 390 also includes on-ear controls and microphone for wireless handling of music and phone calls.

Where to get it: http://phiaton.com/product/bt-390/

VAVA Voom 21 Bluetooth speakerVAVA Voom 21 Bluetooth Speaker

Price: $89.99

Why We Like It: The VAVA Voom 21 is pulled from their flagship Voom speaker. The Voom 21 is nearly as impressive, and merges an ultra-compact design with full and powerful sound. The result is a conveniently portable speaker that goes anywhere you do. Even though it’s a small sized speaker, the VAVA Voom 21 puts out some punch. It houses two 5W drivers, a 10W “subwoofer”, and two passive radiators for driving the low end deeper than a small speaker has a right to. It also uses Bluetooth 4.0 for better quality audio.

Where to get it: https://www.vava.com/audiovisual-speakers/VA-SK001-EB804238A039

Best Electronic Gifts for 2017 from $100 to $200

DISH Hopper GoDISH Hopper Go

Price: $99

Why We Like It: The DISH Hopper Go gives you up to 100 hours of content anywhere. The HopperGO gives you access to your content for offline viewing, allowing you to save space on your mobile device. The HopperGO can connect with up to 5 devices, so your whole family can enjoy TV on the go. With a built-in lithium-ion battery, the HopperGO can provide playback for up to 4 hours. You can easily recharge it through any USB port.

Where to get it: https://www.dish.com/equipment/dvrs/hoppergo/

V-Moda Forza metallic wireless headphonesV-MODA Forza Metallo Wireless Headphones

Price: $170

Why We Like It: In-ear Headphones can be really good or really bad. There are plenty of brands putting out “good enough” solutions for those who simply need something to play int eh ear. V-Moda takes a different tack, and the Forza Metallo Wireless headphones boast quality unlike anything we’ve heard previously. They use a super lightweight 5.8mm driver coupled with AptX for pristine audio quality that rivals CD. Compare that to traditional Bluetooth which generates compressed-sounding audio. Finally, dual noise-canceling microphones and a 15-minute fast-charge makes these among the most capable wireless headphones you’ll likely experience.

Where to get it: http://v-moda.com/forza-metallo-wireless/

Focal Sphear S headphones

Focal Sphear S Wireless in-ear Headphones

Price: $129

Why We Like It: Going after Beats, Sony, and Bose in both quality and value, Focal wanted to bring their signature sound to the in-ear headphone market—and at a price point that was affordable. Specifically, they wanted to hit the consumer at home (Spirit Classic), on the go (Spirit One S and Focal Sphear), and in the studio (Spirit Pro). The Focal Sphear in-ear headphones are a beautiful and innovative solution to getting over-the-ear sound in a compact package.

Where to get it: https://www.focal.com/headphones/

iHome iBN350 Wireless Charging Bluetooth Clock Radio

iHome iBN350 Bluetooth clock radio

Price: $129.99

Why We Like It: What you could stream audio wirelessly via Bluetooth from your mobile device to your clock radio? iHome does it again with its iBN350 Clock Radio with dual alarm and NFC (Near Field Communication) which instantly connects NFC-capable devices to Bluetooth. What’s more, it has a Qi-certified wireless charging pad right on top that charges compatible devices. On back, a 1-amp USB charging port charges mobile devices. The system also works with the Melody Music Assistant that allows you to use your voice to access music.

Where to get it: https://www.ihomeaudio.com/iBN350/

Beam Uuited BeMe D200 ANC earphones

BEEM UNITED: BeMe D200 Earphones

Price: $139.99

Why We Like It: These are Lightning Connector earphones with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). They’re compatible with the BEEM UNITED app and include 4 sizes of ear tips plus a carrying case. Perfect for iPhone 7/Plus or 8/Plus users, these earphones go where others can’t. We like the 1.2m cord and the Active Noise Cancellation feature which blocks out unwanted noise while on trains, airplanes, or other locations where ambient noise is troublesome.

Where to get it: https://www.beemunited.com/shop/beme-d100-black-copy/

Renogy Etunes portable solar bluetooth speakerRenogy E.TUNES Solar Bluetooth Speaker

Price: $134.99

Why We Like It: The Renogy E.TUNES is an IPX5-rated solar bluetooth speaker, capable of bringing your favorite sounds with you wherever you go. Stream your music seamlessly anywhere via Bluetooth or by using the provided AUX cord. More than just a simple speaker, the E.TUNES can double as a 5000mAh li-ion power bank to charge your smart phone or even provide emergency light if needed.

Where to get it: http://wp.renogy.com/etunes/etunes.html

Pioneer Rayz Plus Earphones

RAYZ PLUS Earphones_soldier_laydown_bronze_WhiteBG_ShadowPrice: $149.95

Why We Like It: These earphones connect directly to the Lightning port on your Apple iPhone and feature smart noise canceling technology to block out ambient noise. They also “auto mute” when you stop talking—using a quasi noise gate to help improve the dynamic range of any conversation. Plus, when you take off the earphones, they automatically Pause your music! The Smart Button lets you mute or launch the Rays controls quickly, and you can personalize settings in the Rays app.

Where to get it: https://pioneerrayz.com/earphones/#buy-now

RIVA arena speaker

RIVA Arena Compact Multi-room Speaker

Price: $179

Why We Like It: The RIVA Arena compact multi-room speaker has lots to love, and leaves little to the imagination. With six drivers and a three-channel amplifier, this 50W speaker puts out a lot of sound for its size. The Arena is perfect for music enthusiasts who want that LIVE audio sound at home or at the office. You can even move the party outdoors if you pair it with the optional battery pack for up to 20 hours of music listening. If that weren’t enough, you can also use the system to charge your smart phone, tablet, or other USB device using the side-mounted charge port. Worried about connectivity? You can connect to any of the RIVA Wand-series speakers via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplay, or DLNA.

Where to get it: https://rivaaudio.com/riva-arena/

Phiaton BT 460 Bluetooth HeadphonesPhiaton BT 460 Bluetooth Headphones

Price: $199.99

Why We Like It: With a swipe and touch interface and smart play-pause function, BT 460 headphones will keep you moving and grooving until the moment you remove them. With BT 460’s unique ShareMe technology, multiple users of the BT 460 can listen to a movie or music at the same time. These are headphones that sound as good as they look.

Where to get it: http://www.phiaton.com/product/bt-460/

Best Electronic Gifts for 2017 over $200

Focal Listen headphonesFocal Listen Wireless Headphones

Price: $299

Why We Like It: Focal has become a favorite brand of mine. I don’t know what it is about the French, but they understand audio and how to craft a great speaker. Taking that technology and putting it on your ears is another thing entirely. Somehow, Focal pulled it off with both the r in-ear Sphear headphones, and now, their Focal Listen earphones. At $299 they aren’t inexpensive, but if you want a great pair of headphones that don’t compromise for the price, these are a great choice.

Where to get it: https://www.focal.com/headphones/

V-MODA Crossfade Wireless HeadphonesV-MODA Crossfade 2 Wireless Headphones

Price: $330

Why We Like It: The Crossfade 2 Wireless went through years of precise engineering to design and tune wireless electronics while keeping the iconic V-MODA materials and shapes. V-MODA’s tuning team took the popular Crossfade M-100 signature sound and created virtually identical wired and wireless playback on the Crossfades. You can multitask and pair the Wireless Crossfade 2 headphones with two sources at a time, so they can stay paired to a smartphone and laptop at the same time. You get up to 12 hours of wireless music. If you run out, a 30 minute quick charge gets you 3 wireless hours of wireless listening. Need to be heard? You can also connect the $30 BoomPro Mic for conference calls and gaming.

Where to get it: http://v-moda.com/crossfade2-wireless/

V-Moda Remix Bluetooth speaker

V-MODA Remix Bluetooth Speaker

Price: $300

Why We Like It: OK, it’s a little gimmicky that you can customize the V-Moda Remix Bluetooth Speaker with 3D-printed customizable parts—but that doesn’t affect the sound. This Bluetooth speaker boasts the first portable product of its kind to feature a built-in headphone amplifier. Sure, it’s a speaker, but with V-Moda you just may opt for using those Crossfade 2 headphones you just picked up. When you do opt to use the speaker, the fiberglass dual-driver and passive woofer generate more sound than you might think possible from a speaker this size.

Where to get it: http://v-moda.com/remix-bluetooth-speaker/

YEVO1 wireless earphonesYEVO 1 Cordless Earphones

Price: $249

Why We Like It: When people say wireless they usually mean “sorta wireless”. Designed in Stockholm, Sweden, the YEVO 1 earphones are a new generation of smart headphones without any wires. They deliver total freedom of movement. Engineered with music in mind and designed to be featherweight, they are a perfect blend of technology and style. YEVO 1 uses NFMI technology from NXP in combination with Bluetooth for premium quality connection and amazing audio without interruptions.

Where to get it: https://www.yevolabs.com

OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock

OWB Thunderbolt 3 dockPrice: $299

Why We Like It: With the 13 ports you need, OWC’s new Thunderbolt 3 Dock brings unbelievable connectivity to your laptop through an included Thunderbolt 3 cable, and, delivers charging power to your laptop and other devices, all at the fastest speeds possible. You can drive two 4K displays, connect and charge up to six USB devices, work with legacy FireWire storage, enjoy pristine audio, wired networks, and read SD cards, all at twice the speed of Thunderbolt 2 and all through a single cable. The possibilities are endless.

Where to get it: https://www.owcdigital.com/products/thunderbolt-3-dock

Netgear Orbi Wifi SystemNetgear Orbi Home WiFi System

Price: $349.99

Why We Like It: With respect to home networking, mesh is taking over. With a mesh network like the Netgear Orbi system provides, only one SSID is needed within your entire networked area. Covering over 4,000 square feet of space, the Orbi RBK40 system also works with Amazon Alexa, giving you WiFi coverage and amazing voice control throughout your home.

Where to get it: http://www.netgear.com/orbi/rbk40.aspx

RIVA Festival Multi-room Speaker

RIVA Festival speakerPrice: $399

Why We Like It: The RIVA Festival multi-room speaker includes three tweeters, three drivers and four passive radiators. Power? It’s got plenty with 200-watts into the 6-channel amplifier. The RIVA Festival speaker can really fill a room with concert-quality sound. The design is also top-notch, with a wood enclosure, LED light indicators, and gloss top panel and finish for a truly unique look. To keep you running for the long-haul, RIVA even lets you use the system to charge your smart phone, tablet, or other USB device using the side-mounted charge port. Connectivity options seem limitless with support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplay, and DLNA.

Where to get it: https://rivaaudio.com/riva-festival/

Zvox Soundbase 670 TV speakerZVox Soundbase 670 TV Speaker

Price: $499.99

Why We Like It: If you can’t entertain a full 5.1 system with surround speakers and a sub, then the ZVOX SoundBase 670 will allow you to produce rich, room-filling home theater sound in a highly-reduced form factor. The Soundable 670 is just 3.5” high, but it contains five full range speakers (including three center speakers). When placed under your flat panel television, it virtually disappears. Connection is simple, and you get both analogue and digital options for receiving Dolby Digital audio from your TV. The ZVOX PhaseCue virtual surround system even creates a DSP-based surround experience that has to be heard to appreciate. This model also includes Bluetooth with aptX, so you can stream audio from any smart phone or tablet wirelessly. For under $500 you get a lot of sound that will even blow away most sounders we’ve heard.

Buy it from Audiogurus

Denon AVR-X2400H AV Receiver

Denon AVR-X2200W receiverPrice: $799

Why We Like It: Packed with the latest audio and video technologies, the Denon AVR-X2400H delivers incredibly immersive surround sound, built on an extensive sound tuning and plenty of amp power. With Dolby Atmos and 4K video support, you’ll experience the same revolutionary 3D surround sound found in premium movie theaters. With built-in HEOS technology, the AVR-X2400H can be easily integrated into a wireless multi-room audio system.

Buy it from Audiogurus

Optoma HD25-LV 1080p Projector

Optoma HD25-LV projectorPrice: $899.99

Why We Like It:

With bright 3500 lumens of output, this Optomoz HD25-LV projector is perfect for anything from movies to gaming. If you need audio (for a business conference, for example), the built-in 16W stereo speaker will get the job done. The HD25-LV lets you project an image up to 300-inches (diagonal) for a true cinema experience. Utilizing the latest DLP technology, the HD25-LV delivers Full HD quality and also supports 3D (for the two of you still using it). This is a great projector for anyone starting out.

Buy it from Audiogurus

Epson Pro Cinema 4040 Projector

Epson 4040 projectorPrice: $2699

Why We Like It: The Epson Pro Cinema 4040 features 4K Enhancement, supporting 4K streaming devices and Ultra HD Blu-ray content. It’s also compatible with High Dynamic Range (HDR) content, displaying an extraordinary range of brightness levels with deep, dramatic blacks. Offering 2,300 lumens of color brightness and 2,300 lumens of white brightness, it’s also ideal for dedicated theater rooms. Plus, its expansive color gamut displays the entire DCI color space. The projector also features a 160,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, plus a 16-piece glass lens for excellent uniformity and clarity.

Where to get it: https://epson.com/For-Home/Projectors/Pro-Cinema/Pro-Cinema-4040-3LCD-Projector-with-4K-Enhancement-and-HDR/p/V11H715020MB

Read our review of the Epson Pro Cinema 4040 Projector

Klipsch RP-150M Home Theater System

Klipsch Reference Premier home theater systemPrice: $2,052

Why We Like It: If you didn’t already figure it out, this Klipsch RP-150M Home Theater System is one of the best deals going on the Internet. You get a pair of Klipsch RP-150M bookshelf speakers, a Klipsch RP-250C center channel speaker, two Klipsch RP-240S surround speakers, a Klipsch R-110SW subwoofer, and a Yamaha RX-A750 Surround Receiver. Put it all together, and you’ve got a system that can rock the house and make your movies feel like they were meant to—explosive and vibrant!

Buy it from Audiogurus

We hopefully made shopping little easier with our Electronics Gifts 2017 Edition. Hey, getting the right present can be tough, hopefully our list is full of great products to help you find the perfect gifts for the once you love.

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