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Electronics Gifts 2016 Christmas Edition

Our Electronics Gifts 2016 Edition is chock full of great audio/video/gadget products to help you find the perfect gifts for your loved ones this Christmas. What’s more—we broke it down into price ranges, so you can shop according to your budget. That lets you still get the best bang for your buck, and grab the hottest electronics gifts of the 2016 holiday season. This is one Christmas gift guide you don’t want to ignore!

Electronics Gifts 2016 Edition – Under $100

Check out these recommended electronics gifts if you have a limited budget (wait, that just described all of us!). This is also good for extended family, or that minimum wage trooper you want to bless at the local coffee shop!

Spotify Premium subscriptionSpotify Subscription

Price: $9.99 ($14.99/mo family)

Why We Like It: If you want to get your loved one(s) a really great gift, why not rekindle their love for all-things-music with a subscription to Spotify premium. Better still, take care of the whole family, and opt for the $14.99 plan. That gives you access for up to 5 family members to enjoy their own playlists and music any time of the day.

Where to get it:

iClever BoostRun BTH07 headphonesiClever BoostRun BTH07 Bluetooth Headphones

Price: $19.99

Why We Like It: We have to say—we’ve never seen Bluetooth earphones this cheap. They’re also sweat-proof, so put them on and work out, jog, or play recreational sports. Incoming calls are reported (as a number) by the headset. These Bluetooth earphones are also super-lightweight. They’re just .67 ounces and utilize a behind-the-neck rubber connecting strap to keep them in place. A built-in microphone lets you make calls and there’s support for both hands-free calling and music. They are up-to-date, with Bluetooth 4.1, and you get up to 7 hours of music or 160 hours of standby. Charge time is just 2 hours.

Where to get it:

NewerTech Power2U USBPower2U Dual USB Wall Outlet

Price: $25

Why We Like It: Everyone is always looking for a USB charger. In the bedroom, the kitchen…wherever you are, you can always use more power sources for charging up your smart phones, tablets, or personal audio devices. The Power2U Dual USB Wall Outlet lets you do just that—and it fits within any standard outlet space. It comes with a decorator-style cover plate, and will support two 2.1A devices. Internal witches make sure the USB ports aren’t active until you insert a plug.

Where to get it:

chromecast audioChromecast Audio

Price: $35

Why We Like It: Everyone wants audio in their home. With Chromecast Audio, you can use a small puck-shaped device that plugs right into any AV receiver or active speaker to stream music through WiFi. Set up is easy, and you can then use your iOS or Android phone or tablet to stream music just about anywhere. Even you Mac, Windows, or Chromebook laptops can be used to stream your favorite tunes to the best speakers in the house.

Where to get it:

UAG Tempered Glass Shield UAG Tempered Glass Shield

Price: $39.99+

Why We Like It: These UAG tempered glass shields are available for a whole host of devices—android and iOS. They’re made of high quality/high strength tempered glass that’s manufactured in Japan. The glass has a hardness of 9H which gives it incredible scratch resistance, and also protects your screen from cracking in the event of a face-down fall and landing. The oleophobic anti-fingerprint coating means you won’t gum up the screen when you swipe and text, and integrated blue light eye protection keeps you from getting fatigued during the day and at night. This is an ultra thin screen that adds just 0.2mm to your iPhone and 0.3mm on other devices.

Where to get it:

VAVA Voom 20VAVA Voom 20 Bluetooth Speaker

Price: $49.99

Why We Like It: The VAVA Voom 20 is pulled from their flagship Voom speaker. The Voom 20 is nearly as impressive, and merges an ultra-compact design with full and powerful sound. The result is a conveniently portable speaker that goes anywhere you do. Even though it’s a small sized speaker, the Voom 20 puts out some punch. It houses two 8W drivers and two dedicated “subwoofers” for driving the low end deeper than a small speaker has a right to.

Where to get it:

Etymotic MK Isolator EarphonesEtymotic MK5 Isolator Earphones

Price: $59

Why We Like It: The mk5 earphones are the newest addition to Etymotic’s high-fidelity Isolator earphone series. We love Etymotic’s renowned sound quality and high noise isolation. The Isolator earphones are perfect for today’s active lifestyles. They let you hear every detail in your music as they remove unwanted noise form the outside world. We’d think these earphones would be perfect for jogging, commuting, and any activity where you don’t need to pay attention to the outside world. Like other Etymotic earphones, the mk5 matches the ear’s response for natural sound reproduction over a broad frequency range.

Where to get it:

MacBook Pro Toast CoverToast MacBook Pro Cover

Price: $59

Why We Like It: These gorgeous real wood covers for the Apple MacBook feature beautifully engineered details that fit every angle like a glove. They’re laser-cut, so they fit precisely. Each one is finished by hand three times to bring out the individual wood grain pattern. They’re easy to apply, too—you just peel and stick. These real wood covers add grip, protection, and style to your laptop. Toast also has matching wood bottom covers with cutouts for the rubber feet and screw holes so you can remove it when needed.

Where to get it:

UAG Monarch Series iPhone CasesUAG Monarch Series iPhone Cases

Price: $59.95

Why We Like It: The Monarch Series iPhone 7 cases are really a cut above. They have a premium design that’s marked by precise engineering and lines. The end result is a case that doubles the Military standards for drop & shock protection. These cases are just thick enough to provide much-needed protection for your phone. These lightweight cases include 5 layers of protection, including top grain leather and alloy metal hardware. They have a soft impact-resistant core & honeycomb traction grip. Oversized tactile buttons & protective screen surround combine with a warranty that lasts longer than your phone will.

Where to get it:

iHome iBT84 color changing speakeriHome iBT85 Color Changing Bluetooth Speaker

Price: $69.99

Why We Like It: The iHome iBT84 Bluetooth speaker with speakerphone lets you stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled device. You can also take calls with the integration speakerphone. An aux-in jack also lets you play audio from any device equipped with a headphone output jack. The speaker includes two stereo drivers, but the “cool-factor” of this speaker is in its color changing feature. You can engage color changing mode for fun color effects which can be controlled via a free app. The iHome iBT85 runs off an internal rechargeable battery. It charges via USB, but can also charge mobile devices from the internal Li-ion battery.

Where to get it:

OWC Drive Dock USB 3.1OWC Drive Dock USB 3.1

Price: $74.99

Why We Like It: Drive Dock is the ultimate, high-performance bare drive access tool. For creative workflows, backup, or other tasks requiring constant access to multiple drives, Drive Dock delivers a compact, easy solution with the performance of a USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface. This is a fantastic solution for quick archival and backup for all your files—particularly if your storage needs grow over time.

Where to get it:

Best Electronic Gifts for 2016 from $100 to $200

DISH Hopper GoDISH Hopper Go

Price: $99

Why We Like It: The DISH Hopper Go gives you up to 100 hours of content anywhere. The HopperGO gives you access to your content for offline viewing, allowing you to save space on your mobile device. The HopperGO can connect with up to 5 devices, so your whole family can enjoy TV on the go. With a built-in lithium-ion battery, the HopperGO can provide playback for up to 4 hours. You can easily recharge it through any USB port.

Where to get it:

NewerTech NuPower Battery Macbook ProNewerTech NuPower Battery

Price: $99

Why We Like It: One cool gift you can give is the revitalization of a computer. There’s no better way to do that than replace your battery. NuPower delivers high-capacity replacement batteries for MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and older Mac machines. They also walk you through the calibration process so that you get the most run-time possible from your battery.

Where to get it:

Grace Digital CastDock X2Grace Digital CastDock X2

Price: $99.99

Why We Like It: The Grace Digital CastDock is a speaker developed exclusively to play and power Chromecast Audio. There’s no messy extra power and audio cables cluttering up the counter. The CastDock provides you a custom Chromecast Audio speaker and dock, perfect for every room of your house. The CastDock uses a digital Class D 50 watt amplifier and electronic crossover. An integrated digital fiber optical connection supports Chromecast Audio’s high resolution setting and allows for 24- bit, 192-khz lossless sound, better than CD audio.

Where to get it:

Rowkin Bit Stereo Wireless EarbudsRowkin Bit Stereo Wireless Earbuds

Price: $109.99

Why We Like It: When you pull out these earphones people think you’ve stepped into the future. Thanks to the latest Bluetooth 4.1, pairing 2 cordless earbuds wirelessly is now possible. These are the smallest stereo Bluetooth earphones on the market. What’s more, you can recharge them using the included dual-earbud conductive portable charging system. Just like the new Apple AirPods (except MUCH cooler), the enhanced battery in the wireless headphones allows up to 3 hours for music and calls on a single charge. The small lipstick size portable charger can also fully recharge the Bluetooth headset twice, providing additional 4-6 hours of music/talk time on the go.

Where to get it:

Scosche BoomBottle H20+Scosche BoomBottle H20+

Price: $129.99

Why We Like It: The Scosche BoomBottle H20+ is designed to withstand the rigors of the outdoors, while providing exceptional performance and durability. This portable speaker is remarkably sturdy and durable—even in the harshest environments. It has an IP67 waterproof and rustproof rating, so you can drop it, get it dirty, and then dunk it in water to wash it off! Perfect for the beach, biking on dusty trails, lounging poolside, boating and more! And don’t worry about dropping it in the pool, lake or river—it floats for easy retrieval!

Where to get it:

Jaybird Freedom Wireless EarphonesJaybird Freedom Wireless Earphones

Price: $179.99

Why We Like It: Most in-ear sport Bluetooth earphones have traditionally used all plastic materials. Metal is known to inhibit signal performance, but Jaybird claims to have licked the problem. They’ve manufactured the Freedom wireless earphones using high-quality injection molded metal parts. The all-metal housing has the added benefit of removing distortion and delivering very pristine sound.

Where to get it:

Phiaton BT 460 Bluetooth HeadphonesPhiaton BT 460 Bluetooth Headphones

Price: $199.99

Why We Like It: With a swipe and touch interface and smart play-pause function, BT 460 headphones will keep you moving and grooving until the moment you remove them. With BT 460’s unique ShareMe technology, multiple users of the BT 460 can listen to a movie or music at the same time. These are headphones that sound as good as they look.

Where to get it:

Coros LINX Smart Cycling HelmetCoros LINX Smart Cycling Helmet

Price: $199.99

Why We Like It: The Coros LINX is the world’s first bike helmet with open-ear precision audio so cyclists can safely hear traffic along with music, calls, nav, & ride data. The LINX smart cycling helmet also includes an emergency alert system that is triggered when the G-sensor senses significant impact. It sends an alert with GPS notification to a designated person. The helmet is currently safety certified in the U.S. (CPSC) and Europe.

Where to get it:

Best Electronic Gifts for 2016 over $200

Braven 1100 wireless Bluetooth speakerBraven 1100 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Price: $249.99

Why We Like It: The Braven 1100 wireless Bluetooth speaker produces great sounds in a nice form factor. Dual passive internal radiators and an extended range driver generate lots of sound and smooth, rich bass. Sized perfectly to pick up and place in the next room, the Braven 1100 speaker also offers an integrated power bank that lets you charge your mobile devices. A noise-canceling internal microphone provides hands-free speakerphone calls when paired to your smartphone. The Braven 1100 has a 28-hour battery life. You can also pair a second Braven 1100 Bluetooth speaker for stereo sound.

Where to get it:

V-MODA Crossfade Wireless HeadphonesV-MODA Crossfade Wireless Headphones

Price: $299.99

Why We Like It: The Crossfade Wireless went through years of precise engineering to design and tune wireless electronics while keeping the iconic V-MODA materials and shapes. V-MODA’s tuning team took the popular Crossfade M-100 signature sound and created virtually identical wired and wireless playback on the Crossfades. You can multitask and pair the Wireless Crossfade headphones with two sources at a time, so they can stay paired to a smartphone and laptop at the same time. You get up to 12 hours of wireless music. If you run out, a 30 minute quick charge gets you 3 wireless hours of wireless listening.

Where to get it:

LIVV Pro Headphones

LIVV Pro Headphones

Price: $299

Why We Like It: LIVV Pro headphones promise a secure fits. You can move as fast as you want, in any direction you feel without your headphones falling off. Memory foam ear pads provide a comfortable fit while providing noise reduction. With Bluetooth 4.1 you get clean stereo sound, and an integrated 8 GB MP3 player means you can leave your phone at home. These headphones are also sweat and rain resistant

Where to get it:

Zvox Soundbase 670 TV speakerZVox Soundbase 670 TV Speaker

Price: $499.99

Why We Like It: If you can’t entertain a full 5.1 system with surround speakers and a sub, then the ZVOX SoundBase 670 will allow you to produce rich, room-filling home theater sound in a highly-reduced form factor. The Soundable 670 is just 3.5” high, but it contains five full range speakers (including three center speakers). When placed under your flat panel television, it virtually disappears. Connection is simple, and you get both analogue and digital options for receiving Dolby Digital audio from your TV. The ZVOX PhaseCue virtual surround system even creates a DSP-based surround experience that has to be heard to appreciate. This model also includes Bluetooth with aptX, so you can stream audio from any smart phone or tablet wirelessly. For under $500 you get a lot of sound that will even blow away most sounders we’ve heard.

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Denon AVR-X2300W AV Receiver

Denon AVR-X2200W receiverPrice: $699

Why We Like It: Packed with the latest audio and video technologies, the Denon AVR-X2300W delivers incredibly immersive surround sound, built on an extensive sound tuning and plenty of amp power. With Dolby Atmos, you’ll experience the same revolutionary 3D surround sound found in premium movie theaters. The AVR-X2200W can also decode DTS:X soundtracks, which also deliver an immersive 3-dimensional soundspace.

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BenQ i500 LED projectorBenQ i500 LED Projector

Price: $749.99

Why We Like It: With hundreds of channels, apps, and games, the BenQ i500 LED smart projector gives you access to all your favorite subscriptions without having to connect anything else. It’s also about the size of a book. It lets you wirelessly stream movies and PC content in limited spaces, all without the hassle of connecting cables, media boxes, dongles, or portable devices. It does this through onboard wireless streaming apps—then it adds rich integrated audio, and a short-throw LED lens so you can get it on any wall or screen.

Where to get it:

LeEco Super4 X55 4K LED TelevisionLeEco Super4 X55 4K LED Television

Price: $899

Why We Like It: The LeEco Super4 X55 features Ultra-High Definition 4K resolution and Harman Kardon sound. The workstation-grade quad-core ARM Cortex CPU and multi-core ARM Mali T820 GPU were designed to achieve the highest resolution content with minimal blurring and dropped frames. Three gigabytes of DDR3 RAM memory enable the raw graphic processing power to perform advanced frame-caching and real-time vector graphics rendering. 32GB flash storage provides ample space for all your favorite content and Android apps.

Where to get it:

Klipsch RP-150M Home Theater System

Klipsch Reference Premier home theater systemPrice: $2,052

Why We Like It: If you didn’t already figure it out, this Klipsch RP-150M Home Theater System is one of the best deals going on the Internet. You get a pair of Klipsch RP-150M bookshelf speakers, a Klipsch RP-250C center channel speaker, two Klipsch RP-240S surround speakers, a Klipsch R-110SW subwoofer, and a Yamaha RX-A750 Surround Receiver. Put it all together, and you’ve got a system that can rock the house and make your movies feel like they were meant to—explosive and vibrant!

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We hopefully made shopping little easier with our Electronics Gifts 2016 Edition. Hey, getting the right present can be tough, hopefully our list is full of great products to help you find the perfect gifts for the once you love.

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