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Elite Screens Light-ON CLR 3 Series Portable Projection Screens

Elite Screens has long been one of our go-to recommendations for budget screens. Elite’s new Light-ON CLR 3 Series are Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) portable projection screens that reject light coming from above (the “C” stands for Ceiling in this case). This is particularly useful in high-light environments where most of the light is coming from overhead. They’ve released two versions of the Light-ON CLR 3 projection screens – a tripod and a folding frame. Let’s take a look at both.

Screen Material

Before we talk about the differences, let’s look at the screen material as both versions use the same. According to Elite Screens, the Light-ON CLR 3 Series portable projection ALR screens absorb up to 90% of the overhead light. As with all ALR screens, light from other directions is not rejected. These screens are designed to be used with a table-top Ultra Short Throw (UST) projector in high-light environments. Think conference rooms. The light absorption will give up to 80% better contrast over using a white screen or projecting on a wall. The screens have a black backing to eliminate any light that might penetrate from behind.

Elite Screens Light-ON CLR 3 Series Tripod Portable Projection Screen

The tripod design is probably the most versatile of these screen offerings. This 55″ diagonal pull-up screen has a 4:3 aspect ratio. The thing is the aspect ratio of the screen doesn’t matter! You can pull it up only as far as you need to create the perfect screen height for your presentation. It comes with its own carrying bag and tripod skirt to provide a more professional setup. The tripod skirt will help absorb any overshoot as will the black masking border at the top of the screen.

The screen is tab-tensioned which will reduce ripples even in compromised placements (think near a vent). Tab-tensioning is always a welcome addition to this sort of screen. The Elite Screens Light-ON CLR 3 Series Tripod version retails for $457.

The light from the side is likely washing out the image slightly. Plus, it is very hard to take a good picture of an ALR screen. That said, there are still some ripples apparent in this picture provided by Elite.

Elite Screens Light-ON CLR 3 Series Folding Frame Portable Projection Screen

The Folding Frame design is a larger, 60″ diagonal screen that has your typical 16:9 aspect ratio. This should eliminate the need for keystone correction as long as you can place the projector near the middle of the screen. While it uses the same material, this screen requires a little more elbow grease to get it set up. The screen is held in place by corner pull-tabs. The legs are adjustable and feature a back brace for improved stability. Again, there is an included carrying bag.

The big benefit of the Elite Screen Light-ON CLR 3 Series Folding Frame portable ALR projection screen over the pull-up design is the size. The extra size should be a selling point for many. The Folding Frame should be more stable and suitable for outdoor or windy situations. The concern, of course, will be creases in the screen that could be created during storage and transport. The Elite Light-ON CLR 3 Series Folding Frame version retails for $499.

Our Take

The Elite Screen Light-On CLR 3 Series portable projection screens are aimed square at the professional on the go. These are designed for those that want every presentation to be spectacular, no matter where they are. As anyone that has tried to use the equipment on-site for a presentation knows, it can often go horribly wrong. If you have a table-top UST projector, a laptop, speaker, and one of these screens, you are guaranteed to impress.

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