EPIX 4K Ultra HD on DISH with Layer3 TV News & Opinion

EPIX 4K Ultra HD on DISH with Layer3 TV

Recently, EPIX announced a DISH and Layer3 TV (owned by T-Mobile) roll-out of 4K Ultra HD. This video-on-demand (VOD) service enhances existing EPIX subscribers and DISH customers. Layer3 TV subscribers also get access to 4K Ultra HD content via VOD. Plus, much of that content will be EPIX 4K Ultra HD via the authenticated EPIX Apple TV app.

DISH and Layer3 TV

DISH and Layer3 TV subscribers currently have access to movies in 4K Ultra HD. Titles include Arrival, The Magnificent Seven, Star Trek Beyond, Ben Hur and Transformers: The Last Knight. Coming later this year, films from the James Bond franchise will also arrive in 4K UHD. This includes Die Another Day, GoldenEye, Licence To Kill, Tomorrow Never Dies, Goldfinger, From Russia With Love, and The Spy Who Loved Me.

“EPIX is committed to embracing new technologies to provide subscribers with the best viewing experience of our premium original programming and movies. We are pleased to partner with DISH and Layer3 TV to deliver this advanced offering to a wider audience, and look forward to working with more distributors to include 4K Ultra HD as part of their entertainment packages.”

– Monty Sarhan, EVP and General Manager of EPIX

4K televisions are becoming more and more popular, however actual 4K shows and movies seem to be rare. Seeing service providers like DISH and others roll out additional 4K UHD content is a great step forward. Without 4K and UHD, products like the Epson Pro Cinema 4040 projector and other 4K displays don’t work to their potential. Any DISH Hopper 3 or 4K Joey set-top box will support 4K content when available.

While EPIX programming has appeared on DISH since 2010, the move towards 4K support is new.

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