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Focal 300 Series On-Wall Speakers Overview

Finding quality on-wall speakers isn’t always easy. Focal is looking to make it a bit easier with their 300 series on-wall speaker offerings. There are currently two on-wall models in the 300 series, the Focal 301 and 302 speakers. They are extremely thin (under 4″) but make up for it with longer designs with dual side ports. Let’s take a closer look.


Focal 300 Series Overview

Focal’s 300 series on-wall speakers have a lot of interesting features. Obviously, they are wide, thin, and narrow. This makes them perfect for framing a flat panel display. The real difference between the two size-wise is the height (or length depending on how you mount them). The smaller 301 is 31.5″ while the 302 is 49.2″. Otherwise, the dimensions are the same at 6.1″ wide and 3.6″ deep. It is the depth that is so important. These make the Focal 300 series speaker very interesting for those with limited space and/or looking for that clean look.

Both the Focal 300 on-wall speaker offerings have an optional stand for those interested. They are rated well past the 80Hz crossover point that we would nearly always recommend. Wall installation (clearly the intended integration method) is made easy by an included mounting guide and wall mounting hardware. Both 300 series can be mounted horizontally or vertically. The logo can be swiveled so that it always faces the right direction.

The drivers consist of Focal’s Flax cone 4″ woofers and aluminum/magnesium tweeters. The larger 302 has more woofers and a 2.5-way design with the 301 sporting a 2-way design. This gives the larger speaker slightly more extension, but what will be more important is that the larger speaker should have more output for larger rooms. They are available in gloss white or black satin and are available in the US now.

Our Take

We are constantly looking for thin speakers to recommend. We love that Focal has included optional stands for both the 300 series on-wall speakers. This gives users the option of nearly any placement option. Focal has also voiced these speakers so that they will timbre-match with their 300 Series line of in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers, as well as the Chora, Aria, Kanta, and Dôme Flax loudspeakers. This means you can run some more traditional speakers up front in your home theater and have these for your surrounds to save space. They would also do great behind an acoustically transparent screen.

The real question you are asking is price. Focal has always brought us great products but the prices have rarely been considered “budget.” The 301’s are $990 each, the 302’s run $1490 each, and the optional stand will cost you $490 a pair. While the 300 series on-wall speakers from Focal aren’t cheap, they are offing a lot of performance in a very aesthetically pleasing package.

For more information, check out Focal.com.

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