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How to Make Sure You Can Transfer Your Audyssey MultEQ-X License

Unlike Dirac, Audyssey is much more restrictive with their MultEQ-X license. When you buy a MultEQ-X license, it is tied not only to the specific AV receiver, but to the user. This means you can’t transfer it to another owner. They’d have to spend the $200 if they want to have access to all the tools MultEQ-X provides. Or do they? Is there a workaround so that you can transfer your Audyssey MultEQ-X license? There sure is! Let’s discuss!

How They Identify You

Tying the Audyssey MultEQ-X license to the unit isn’t much of a problem. If you sell your AV receiver, the new owner has the unit in hand. The real problem is how they require that the owner remain the same. That’s problematic as you certainly don’t want to sell your identity along with your old AV receiver! The key is to never let Audyssey know who you are!

When you sign up for Audyssey MultEQ-X, they are going to require two things from you: An email address and a phone number. This is how they know which account has access to the specific license for that AV receiver.

How To Set Up Your Audyssey MultEQ-X Account

As you might expect, you’ll need a new email address. Those are easy enough to come by. With that new email address, you’ll want to create a Microsoft account. You likely already have one of these (if you ever had a Hotmail account, you definitely do as Microsoft bought them out in 1997). Make sure when you sign up for Audyssey MultEQ-X, you use the new Microsoft account. You want the Audyssey MultEQ-X license to be tied to this account so you can easily transfer it later.

Second, you’ll use that new email to sign up for a Google Voice phone number. Audyssey is going to require a phone number and you don’t want to use your own. You can use the web interface to get whatever messages they send you and then ignore it going forward.

Transferring your Audyssey MultEQ-X License

Now that you’ve got your new Microsoft account and phone number, you can pay for the MultEQ-X license without fear. When you decide that you want to sell your AV receiver, you can give the new owner the password to the email address and Google Voice accounts and they can enjoy all the benefits of MultEQ-X. Will this let you recoup all of the $200 you spent on the license? Probably not. But it should make your AV receiver easier to sell when the time comes.

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