I Found a Deal on Speakers But They Don’t Match, Should I Get Them?

You’ve probably heard of the term “analysis paralysis.” This is when you get so caught up in trying to find the best product or best deal that you can’t make a decision. You’ll often find yourself letting deals and opportunities pass you by simply because you can’t make a decision. We get it. We’ve been there. Now you are looking at a smoking deal you found on some used speakers but they either don’t match your current speakers or they don’t match each other. Should you get them? Let’s discuss!

Something is Better Than Nothing

The biggest problem is people on the Internet are generally jerks. They have an “all or nothing” attitude that suggests if you don’t follow their rules, your system will, at best, sound terrible and, at worst, somehow explode.

This is simply not the case.

The reality is that something is nearly always better than nothing. If the speakers work (and aren’t damaged and distorting), having them will be superior to not having them. No, timbre matching isn’t as important as everyone seems to think. Sure, you may notice a timbre mismatch, but having surround sound will still be better than not having surround sound. It’s just silly to suggest otherwise.

A Smoking Deal Means No Risk

The other side of this coin is that you believe that you are getting a great price. If you think so, other people will as well. If you get the speakers home, set up, and realize that they don’t work well with your current speakers, you can resell them. You are probably going to get all or at least most of your money back. You may even make a buck or two! How is this a risk? Sure, you’ll be out of some time but surely that is worth it for the potential savings?

Take Away

If you found a deal or speakers, don’t worry about if they match your speakers. A deal is a deal. Something is better than nothing. If you are trying to build out your first home theater system, you are on a well-trodden path. Most of us started with Frankenstein systems. Plus, we aren’t talking about the other side of this argument. Maybe the speakers will actually sound better than your current system! Wouldn’t that be wonderful! Now, you’ve got better speakers than you had and you can sell your old stuff! First-world problems indeed!

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