KEF Announces The R Meta Series With MAT

So, KEF has gone Meta again. KEF announces the R Meta Series with MAT. The seven-speaker series now features MAT (Metamaterial Absorption Technology). MAT absorbs rogue frequencies from the tweeter. KEF claims their unique maze-like MAT material will absorb up to 99% of unwanted tweeter frequencies and creates an “acoustic” black hole. Let’s discuss! 

At A Glance

Under The Hood 

So, aside from the addition of MAT, KEF has continued to use its Uni-Q driver array. The 12th generation of drivers keeps the coaxial design, with a 1″ tweeter in the center of a 5″ midrange driver. But, depending on the model, one to four 6″ woofer handles the bass duty. 

The R Series line is spec’d to have exceptional frequency response. For example, the top-of-the-line R11 Meta’s ($3249/ea) claims to deliver 40Hz to 35KHz. And the R3 Meta bookshelf variant ($2199/pr) is similar at 45Hz to 35KHz. All are 4ohm and 85-88dB sensitive. But you will need some beefy amps to get the 111-116dB of SPL out of them. The R Series will be challenging to drive

All the speakers offer increased internal bracing, MAT, Shadow Flares around the Uni-Q Drivers, and flexible rear ports. These additions combine to create deep bass, distortion-free sound, and inert cabinets.

And just like the last generation of KEF R Series speakers, the two center channels, the R6 ($1999/ea) and R2 Meta ($1399/ea), can be a dedicated center or an LCR (left-center-right) configuration. And if you want to add Atmos? No worries, KEF has included the R8 Meta ($1599/pr). The R8s are versatile, allowing for wall-mount heights or speaker-mounted ceiling-bounce Atmos. 


The Looks 

So I always say that looks are subjective, but I dare you to find someone who won’t like the Reference Series looks. They are simple and elegant designs with various finish options to suit any decor. The standard color options are gloss black/white and a walnut finish. But two models have exclusive color options with Titanium Gloss Special Edition for R7 Meta, and the Indigo Gloss Special Edition for R3 Meta. While I have gloss black speakers, I dig these special edition colors!

And just like all KEF speakers, grills are optional and extra. But if we are being honest, I would not want to cover up these speakers! So if you opt for grills, they are microfiber grills with 1801 holes for transparent performance when they attach via magnets. 


The R Series sits between the entry-level Q-series and KEFs Reference line. Priced from $2199 to $3249/ea, they are not cheap. But compared to the Reference or Blade lines, they are a steal. 

But (IMO), these are well-priced for their specs and value and compete well against other brands’ mid-tier offerings. 

R11 Meta (Floor Standing)$3249/ea
R7 Meta (Floor Standing)$2499/ea
R5 Meta (Floor Standing)$1999/ea
R3 Meta (Bookshelf)$2199/pr
R6 Meta (Center/LCR)$1999/ea
R2 Meta (Center/LCR)$1399/ea
R8 Meta (Atmos)$1599/pr

Our Take

We have covered several product launches from KEF that announced MAT upgrades. So it was no surprise that the R Series was next for an update. But with updated MAT, Uni-Q drivers, and colors, the R Series might be a serious contender for your next upgrade. 

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