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KEF LSX II Speakers

KEF has released their LSX II speakers, an upgrade to the LSX Wireless Music System they released back in 2019. If you read our coverage of the KEF LS60 speakers, you sort of know what to expect here. The big takeaway is the KEF now has wireless tower speakers (the LS60s), bookshelf speakers (the LS50 Wireless II), and desktop speakers (the LSX II). If you are looking for a wireless high-fidelity speaker solution, KEF has what you need!

LSX II Improvements

The main improvement in the LSX II speakers is, of course, an updated Uni-Q driver. This coaxial driver (now in its 11th iteration) is the core of everything KEF has done since the release of the Blade speakers many years ago. Paired with the new driver is an update to KEF’s Music Integrity Engine DSP. KEF promises better clarity and more accurate sound.

The LSX II speakers have more connections than ever. Now available is an HDMI-ARC connection in addition to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, optical, USB-C, and 3.5mm stereo. The HDMI port is a nice step up that allows you to connect to your TV or AV receiver easily. USB-C will allow access to a laptop or phone as well as a NAS server. Along with KEF’s app, the LSX II speakers can stream all major music services and are compatible with DSD, MQA, and PCM up to 24bit/384kHz. You can connect the two speakers wirelessly or via an Ethernet cable. You can add a wired subwoofer to the system from the primary speaker.

LSX II Size and Price

Pictures can be deceiving and LSX II speakers are no different. These speakers are SMALL. At 9.5″ x 6.1″ × 7.1″ they don’t take up much space. With something like the SVS Soundpath Wireless Audio Adapter, these can be used as self-powered surrounds. Like many of the latest KEF offerings, they come in a variety of colors.

With this level of fit and finish as well as technology, the KEF LSX II speakers are not cheap. They will be officially available on June 23, 2022 for $1400 a pair. If you are looking for matching accessories, KEF has you covered with their LSX P1 desk pads ($179.99), S1 floor stands ($349.99), or B1 wall brackets ($229.99).

For more information, check out KEF.com.

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