4 Comments on What Kind of Surround Speakers Do I Need?

  1. Tim Bolden

    Hi Clint, looking for some suggestions and or opinion. I currently have a 7.1 set-up with 4 in-ceiling speakers for side & rear surround. I have been looking at adding 2 more speakers and upgrading to a dolby atmos 5.1.4 set-up. If I were to use the ceiling speakers for atmos what would you recommend for my surround? (bi-pole / di-pole or bookshelf) Does bi-pole or di-pole work well with what atmos is trying to accomplish? Thanks for any advise.

  2. Kevin

    My space has a lot of potential and is void of any furniture as write this. 25 ft X 20 ft open living area w/ Bamboo hardwood flooring. 18 ft cathedral ceiling. It is the main entrance w/ bump outs adjoining the Dining and Kitchen. It’s big and echo(ey) I am only going to be listening to music in this zone. I like uncluttered and simple; don’t want a bunch of cords and wires but for the right system, would consider wired. I’m looking at bluetooth towers and sub combo, I like the bluetooth option but can I do better with wired? With a rug and sofa it would deaden some sound but I’m curious about placement and where I can get the best spatiality and coverage. Thoughts?

  3. Joseph Bolles

    I’m a complete idiot when it comes to the technical side of home theatre equipment. Can you recommend a good out of the box surround system with a price range of 1000 to 1500? Also, could you recommend a good easy to operate receiver? I only intend to set up my Sony Bravia EF9 TV and a Blue Ray DVD player.

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