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Marantz Announces Their 2022 Lineup of 8K AV Receivers

Hot on the heels of Denon’s reveal, Marantz announces their 2022 lineup of 8K AV receivers and amps. Starting at $1200 for the slimline Cinema 70 and topping out at $7000 (each!) for the flagship AV 10 Pre-Pro and AMP 10 16 channel amp! So is a new Marantz AV receiver in your future? Let’s discuss. 

Marantz 2022 Lineup

Like Denon’s 2022 lineup, Marantz has separated them into two categories, the Cinema Series and the AV/AMP Series. The Cinema Series is their “lower tier” option, while their AV/AMP Series is the cost-is-not-a-factor option. I use the term “lower tier” loosely, as Marantz is the upscale version of their sister company, Denon, and prices themselves as such. 

Although the Cinema and AV Series have updated their looks, the Marantz “port-hole” design remains on all new models. There is a more contemporary and more modern aesthetic for the finish, and I like it.  

Marantz 2022 Cinema Series

The Marantz 2022 Cinema Series lineup consists of four models: the Cinema 40 ($3500), Cinema 50 ($2500), Cinema 60 ($1700), and the Cinema 70s (slimline, $1200). Each is available in black and silver, although silver is not an orderable option yet. The Cinema Series also features 4K120/8K60 HDMI 2.1 ports limited to 40gbps. Not all ports on every model are HDMI 2.1 so read carefully. All models feature a complete set of preamplifier pre-outs, indicative of Marantz models in the past. 

Marantz Cinema 40

Starting from the most expensive, the $3500 Cinema 40 features nine channels of amplification at 125w (2 channels driven), with 11.4 channels of processing. And yes, like the 2022 Denon AV receivers, you get four independent subwoofer pre-outs. All seven HDMI inputs are 4K120/8K60. You don’t get DTS:S Pro, but IMAX Enhanced, Auro3D, 360 Reality Audio, and Audyssey DSX allow you to front height or wide speakers. And like the Denon X3800 and X4800, you get Audessy and (eventual) Dirac room correction. With a premium AV receiver, you get all the streaming options available and a large selection of analog inputs. 

Editors Note: It is unclear if the Dirac Live update is available at release or if it will be a future firmware update and license purchase. 

Marantz Cinema 50

The $2500 Cinema 50 has nine channels of amplification at 110w (2 channels driven), with 11.4 channels of processing. The Cinema 50 drops to six HDMI inputs, but all six are HDMI 2.1 compliant. Gone is Audyssey DSX, but you maintain all the other spatial audio formats of the Cinema 40. And Like the Cinema 40, you get Audyssey and (eventual) Dirac Live support. 

Marantz Cinema 60

The $1700 Cinema 60 is the most affordable of the full-sized Marantz AV receivers, but it also has the fewest features in the 2022 Marantz lineup. Starting, you get seven channels of amplification at 100w (2 channels driven) and 7.2 channels of processing. 100w is not a deal breaker, that’s lots of power for most speakers, but you are limited to 7.2 or 5.2.2. You also get 6 HDMI inputs, but only three have HDMI 2.1. Lastly, room correction is the mid-tier offering by Audyssey, MultEQ XT, and you lose IMAX Enhanced, Auro3D, and 360 Reality Audio. The Cinema 60 is still a capable streamer, with all the options available. 

Marantz Cinema 70s

Last in Cinema Series is the $1200 Cinema 70s, their slimline AV receiver. The Cinema 70 is about 2″ shorter than the other Cinema AV receivers. And with that smaller chassis comes seven channels at 50w (2 channels driven) and tops out at 7.2 channels of processing. Like the Cinema 60, you get six HDMI inputs, with three offering HDMI 2.1. And like the Cinema 60, you lose IMAX Enhanced, Auro3D, and 360 Reality audio. The Cinema 70s also steps down to MultEQ, the most basic of Audyssey room correction. All that said, you still get all the streaming options of the higher-tier AV receivers. 

Marantz 2022 AV Series

The Marantz 2022 Flagship AV Series lineup consists of two components, the AV10 ($7000) and the AMP 10 ($7000). The AV 10 is a preamplifier/processor so you will need the AMP 10 or another external amplifier. RIP your wallet!

The Marantz AV 10 is a 15.4 channel pre-pro. It has seven HDMI 2.1 inputs with 40gbps bandwidth. Like all the Marantz 2022 lineups, you get multi-room audio outs. And for spatial audio? You get all the standard formats plus DTS:X Pro, Auro3D, and 360 Reality Audio. Oddly, Audyssey DSX is missing. The back features (I assume gold-plated) RCA unbalanced pre-outs and a complete set of balanced XLR pre-outs. 

Editors Note: Confirmed. Gold plated everything. 

The Marantz AMP 10 features 16 channels of Class D amplification at 200w (2 channels driven.) So let’s get this out there, this is MORE than enough power to power any system. The back has both unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR and lots of connectivity for triggers, IR inputs, and the like. Plus, it has web control. That’s a cool addition.

Our Take

The 2022 Marantz lineup has most of the bells and whistles that AV enthusiasts lap up. But you have an exceedingly high price tag for all those features and need exceedingly deep pockets to get them all. But despite that premium price tag, we still don’t get all HDMI inputs with full bandwidth HDMI 2.1!

Marantz has always set itself as the upscale brand in the Denon/Marantz family, with price tags to match. But, I voice the same concerns I had with Denon’s 2022 lineup. At $3500 for their Cinema 40 AV receiver and $14 000 (combined) for the AV 10 and AMP 10, there are much cheaper options with the same performance. 

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