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Monoprice Commercial Series Full-Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Review

Sometimes you get a gadget that is a total quality of life upgrade. Enter the Monoprice Commercial Series Full-Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount – that’s a mouthful! I was lucky enough to have one sent to me by Monoprice to try out Now that I have spent about a month with it, I think I can give a pretty accurate review. Spoiler alert, it’s a great wall mount, and at $60 (on sale now for $47), it’s a LOT of bang for the buck. Let’s discuss.

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High quality 
Easy To Install

What’s In The Box?

Monoprice has become the no-nonsense brand in AV gadgets. They have always offered high-quality, low-cost items. They don’t spend much money on fancy marketing or catchy names. Case in point, my Monoprice wall mount is simply called the 43198 and came in a nondescript brown box. Inside were the mount, VESA brackets (plus bolts, spacers, and a small level), beefy-looking lag bolts, and some MASSIVE wall anchors. A simple template, instructions, and plastic end caps to cover your bolts round out the contents. Not bad for a $60 mount.

Monoprice Wall Mount – Construction Quality

Ok, so this is a well-made mount. It claims it will hold up to 132lbs, and I believe it. It features cold-rolled steel construction, and it feels substantial. I honestly was not expecting such a heavy mount. Other articulating mounts I’ve used previously seemed flimsy, but not this one! After I saw (and lifted) the Monoprice wall mount, I had no fears about mounting my precious 65″ OLED to it.

The black finish is flawless, and all the machining is top-notch. My last mount, a low-profile wall mount, was twice as expensive and was not near the quality of the Monoprice wall mount.

Installing the Monoprice Wall Mount

So this was probably the most straightforward install I have ever had with a wall mount. As I said earlier, it comes with six beefy lag bolts and wall anchors if you need to mount to concrete or brick or can’t find a stud. My room is purpose-built, so I have a frame installed around where my TV will hang, ensuring that I will always hit studs.

The included template makes hanging this thing a breeze. However, I prefer getting the first bolt in place, leveling it with my bullet level, and installing the other bolts. It will also work if you want to use the included template and level. I would suggest you get a second set of hands to help due to the weight of this mount. I had my daughter take the brunt of the weight while I made minor adjustments to get it perfect. Once the unit was bolted to the wall, I installed the cross-braces on the mount. I figured out where I needed the VESA brackets on the TV and then had some help to lift the TV onto the mount. There are two bolts on the bottom of the VESA brackets to ensure the TV locks in place.

Install took me maybe 20-25 minutes, including stopping to take pictures as I went. Granted, I am the guy everyone calls to install their mount, so it’s not my first rodeo. I also used an impact drill with a socket driver, so putting the lag bolts in took seconds. If you were using a ratchet, it would take longer, but not remarkably longer. I finished by installing the plastic end pieces to hide the bolts, and that was it! The TL:DR version is that this mount is a snap to set up.

Using The Monoprice Wall Mount

So again, not to belabor the point, but the Monoprice Commercial Series Full-Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount is simple to use. It will extend from 3″-16.9″ from the wall. No, it is not a low-profile mount, with the mount sitting a minimum of 3″ from the wall. But to be honest, even fully back, it doesn’t noticeably look different than my low-profile mount. The mount swivels 60 degrees side to side, tilts back 3 degrees, or tilts forward 15 degrees. The absolute best quality of life addition is the 5-degree rotation. This adjustability means that if you are off slightly on the mount’s level, you can level it once you have it in place. Every mount needs this feature – full stop. Just know that it doesn’t lock once leveled, so you might need to level from time to time.

Because the Monoprice wall mount is so substantial, it isn’t easy to move in and out with my OLED. Because the OLED has no bezel to speak of (see above), it’s hard for me to push my TV in, but this is not a fault in the mount. You do not want the mount to move easily if someone bumps the panel. But because of the design of my OLED, I am forced to reach under the TV and push on the mount itself. Not a deal breaker, just a limitation of what I have.

I told you it was beefy!

Same with the tilt feature. I could easily tilt the TV if I had a standard LED TV with a more substantial bezel and back panel. But again, because my OLED is so thin and lacks a lot of bulk, I need a second set of hands to help me safely tilt the TV.

The swivel feature is smooth as silk, and I had no issues moving it from side to side. And not to sound like a broken record, but it is harder because of my OLED. I could have easily moved it all over the place if this had been my old Samsung flat panel.

Who Is The Monoprice Wall Mount Aimed At

Well, I think it’s pretty obvious that this wall mount is for someone who needs the ability to move their TV around to accommodate different viewing configurations. It is a commercial mount, but all that means is that it’s built to take some abuse and will probably last a long time. I see this type of mount in bars, on sales floors, in classrooms, and, of course, in home theaters.

I wanted an articulating mount to move my OLED closer to my main listening position. While my 65″ TV is by no means small, I sit far enough away from it that my experience is not as cinematic as I wanted it to be. And yes, the easy solution is to get a 77″ OLED, but that’s not cost-effective. I can spend $47 on this mount to move my TV closer for a larger Field of View, or I can upgrade my TV. Which makes more financial sense? I think the answer is obvious!

With this mount, I can pull my TV close to my position when I want to watch a movie and move it back when I have friends over for sports. It is the best of both worlds.

Our Take

So I always struggle when I write a review of a product that was a) provided to me by the company and b) doesn’t speak about any flaws or issues. But here is the thing. The Monoprice Commercial Series Full-Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount is perfect. It is well made, works perfectly, will last several TVs’ lives, and it has a $60 MSRP!

On top of that, this mount has some serious quality of life additions. Being able to level your TV if you made a mistake during installation is amazing. But now I can access all the ports on my TV without cramming my hand into a weird position, and I can regularly dust the back of my TV. Life changing!

My thoughts are that if you don’t need a super low profile mount for your TV, spend the $60 on the Monoprice articulating wall mount. Even if I push this thing back into the wall and never move it again, I have the option to do it if needed. If we are being honest, I am disappointed that I waited so long to get an articulated mount. I love the flexibility this mount gives me. I highly recommend getting this mount over a fixed mount, all day, every day!

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