Monoprice Workstream Bluetooth 5 Headset – Work Essential?

Work-from-home is here to stay. In the early days of COVID, people struggled to find basics like headphones, mics, and webcams. And the quality? Don’t get me started! You have no idea how many meetings I had to go through with low-resolution webcams and mic’s that sounded like you were inside a tin can. But today, companies like Monoprice offer quality products like the Worksteam line of products. But the Monoprice Workstream Bluetooth 5 headset – work essential? Reasonably priced at $53.99 for the headset it might fit the bill. Let’s discuss. 

In the Box 

The Monoprice Worstream Bluetooth 5.0 headphones come in fairly standard packaging with a picture of the product on the front and a list of some essential features on the sides. 

The headset has a USB-C charging cable, a detachable mic with wind sock (!), a USB Bluetooth dongle, and a very premium-looking 3.5mm cord to make them wired.

I am a fan of Monoprice’s packaging. It is low-waste and easily recyclable. Having reviewed many products over the years, I am consistently impressed by Monoprice’s efforts to reduce the waste from their products. 

But this is not an unboxing review. Let’s get on to the good stuff. How well do they perform?

Monoprice Workstream Bluetooth 5 Headphones 

The TL;DR version of my review is…these are a great set of headphones for their price tag of $53.99. They are on par with a mid-tier pair of gaming cans, minus the RGB and gamer logos all over them. 

The Looks 

There is nothing flashy about the Monoprice Workstream Bluetooth 5 headphones. They sport a classic look that is perfect for the work-from-home professional. They are work headphones; no one needs flashy for work meetings. 

I dig the looks. They are black with a straightforward MP on the side. A little silver trim adorns the hinge and wraps the headphones’ cups. But it’s not tacky or distracting. The earcups sport a faux leather material that is comfortable and elevates the aesthetics. 

All the accessories, the detachable mic, and the 3.5mm cord are black. But, the 3.5mm cord comes wrapped in black braiding, making it look and feel more premium. It’s the little stuff that I enjoy. 


I am not a frequent over-the-ear headphone wearer. I usually use a set of in-ear buds as my daily drivers. It took me a couple of tries to get the proper fit for my head. But once I did, the earcups sat nicely over my ears and made a good seal so no one could hear what I was listening to. 

The ear cups are pretty plush, making for a comfortable wearing experience. I wore the headset for a long meeting (two hours), took them outside, did my yard work with them, and have no complaints. Plus, because they have a tight seal, they completely protected my hearing from the lawn mower and other tools I used. I have used them on several more long sessions, both indoors and outdoors, and found them very comfortable in all scenarios.

The cups also have a firm grip, so I had to play around with wearing them over my glasses. The Monoprice Worksteam Bluetooth 5 headset tended to push my glasses into my temples. But I adjusted the head strap and quickly got the correct position. 


As I said earlier, I think the Workstream Bluetooth 5 Headphones are on par with a mid-tier set of gaming headphones. For work calls, they are great. The voices are crisp and clear. I never strained to hear anyone on my work calls. I also used them with my Xbox Series X and found them pleasant to listen to. The sound effects and music from the games were great, and voice chat was better than my gaming headset. 

Music was a huge surprise. I didn’t expect these to sound good for music. At low to moderate volume, they say great. Bass and treble are not exaggerated and pleasant. Once you crank them up, they break apart and become more distorted. But my days of cranking it to 11 are over, so I have no issues! 

A quick play of some sweeps revealed that the Monoprice headphones have an acceptable frequency range. Remember, the headphones are designed primarily for work, so don’t expect these to get down and bassy. But I got very reasonable responses from 50hz and upward – more than enough for work meetings and casual media consumption.

There is a loudness switch that acts like a bass boost of sorts. That said, it is designed to boost vocals in a situation where you have a low talker. Using it with music or movies creates a very unpleasant bass boost that makes the sound unbalanced and unpleasant.

Mic Quality 

This one is quick and to the point. The mic on these headphones is excellent. It is much better than the built-in mic in my webcam. And it blows away the in-line mic from my in-ear headphones. 

Plus, it’s detachable. If you have a stand-alone USB mic, you can use the headset for playback and your own mic for voice. 

All-in-all, a solid mic for work and play. My buddies had no issues hearing me curse while losing badly at my online games. 

Our Take 

It won’t be hard to recommend the Monoprice Workstream Bluetooth 5 headset. With reasonable pricing and excellent performance, it’s a great addition to your workspace. 

As I said earlier, work-from-home and virtual meetings are here to stay. Do yourself, and everyone else, a favor and drop a couple of bucks and get something that sounds and looks good. You won’t regret it. So when I asked if the Monoprice Workstream Bluetooth 5 headset is work essential? The answer is a solid yes!

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