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Yamaha SRT-1000 TV Speaker Base Preview

Yamaha just released a new product in the high performance aesthetic speaker category: the Yamaha SRT-1000 TV Speaker Base. This is a TV speaker base that is designed to sit underneath your flat panel TV and support its weight while delivering high-fidelity stereo audio for your living room. What makes the Yamaha SRT-1000 stand out is […]

Samsung Curved Soundbar HW-H7500 Preview

It’s the week of the soundbar speakers. Earlier, there was an announcement of the new Yamaha YSP-2500 digital sound projector. This week, Samsung Electronics, known for its very lithe and aesthetically-awesome products, released its latest product. Samsung started giving Apple a run for its money…oh, about right after the introduction of the iPhone. Their newest creation is a […]

Yamaha YSP-2500 Sound Bar Projector

Getting true 7.1-channel surround sound from a sound bar was thought to be impossible. Make that sound bar (or digital sound projector, as Yamaha calls it) an ultra-slim model, and the chances draw even narrower. But the Yamaha YSP-2500 sound bar isn’t the run-of-the-mill speaker bar. This digital sound projector has 16 individual speakers powered by 16 […]

Klipsch RF-42 II Home Theater Package Deal

Audiogurus has a really great package deal that just may be the best thing going in home theater right now. They put together a set of speakers that I really like, the Klipsch RF-42 II Home Theater speakers, along with a great Yamaha RX-V477 receiver and an Energy Power 10 Subwoofer. This system plays loud, plays clean, and […]

JBL Synthesis Updated with ARCOS v2.7 Room Correction

Harman updated its JBL Synthesis system by updating its ARCOS Adaptive Room Correction and Optimization System to v2.7. The new update offers a enhancements in both performance and functionality by providing tighter control of the seat-to-seat variation in any listening room when used with the JBL Synthesis SDEC-4500P Digital Equalizer. This gives listeners a flatter frequency response regardless of listening position. It’s particularly improved […]

Levitating Bluetooth Speaker by OM Audio

Wanna see a levitating Bluetooth speaker? OM Audio (pronounced Ohm-Audio), who makes the wireless Bluetooth Mantra speakers and the Innearpeace earphones, announced the OM/ONE levitating Bluetooth speaker. The speaker looks like a small thermal detonator (for my Star Wars friends) floating atop a small disc-shaped base. The OM/ONE isn’t just a nifty invention, nor is it a […]

Get the Best Home Theater System for Under $2500

Welcome to the second installment in our “best of” home theater series. There are a lot of home theater systems on the market today—but which one do you buy? We’re here to answer that question. In this home theater buying guide we focus on the speakers, subwoofer, AV receiver and Blu-ray player. We’re not going to price out […]