PSB VS21 TV Speaker Base Soundbars

Paul Barton PSB VS21 TV Speaker Base VisionSound

Paul Barton is the founder and chief designer of PSB Speakers and he has just released their first entry into the TV speaker base category: the VS21 with VisionSound. Like most TV Base speakers, the VS21 is made to be set underneath a flat panel TV from 32-60 inches in size (anything under 88 lbs, in fact). As most flat panel TVs have sound that is akin to a piece of string tied between two soup cans, the new PSB VS21 TV Speaker Base follows in a long line of products designed to give these new systems some sort of pleasing sound. Unlike with a flat panel TV, the cabinet on the PSB VS21 adds enough volume to contain a three-way speaker system with six drivers and discrete active amplifiers rated at a total output of 100 Watts.

PSB VS21 VisionSound rear

The VS21 TV Speaker Base includes a dialogue mode that separates vocals from the background in order to make speech more intelligible. A WideSound mode delivers 3D processing to create a more enveloping surround for movie watching, and Dolby’s Late Night technology reduces dynamics letting softer sounds be heard while reducing overbearing peaks when listening at lower volume levels.

PSB VS21 VisionSound specs

Key Features of the PSB VS21 VisionSound TV Speaker Base

  • Three-way speaker system with six independent active amplifiers.
  • Simple to install. One-cable setup.
  • Learning remote control is supplied or VS21 it works with your TV remote
  • Subwoofer output for even more bass
  • Bluetooth aptX streaming for high quality sound right from your smart device
  • Three listening modes Dolby Late Night, dialog and Stereo and WideSound allow user to tailor the VS21 to their specific application.
  • Final voicing performed by Paul Barton at Canada’s famed NRC

The PSB VS21 TV Base speaker base will sell for $599.99.

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