RBH Sound CTx Speakers On-wall speakers

RBH Sound CTx Speakers CEDIA 2014 Demo

When we entered the listening room to get a sneak peek at RBH Sound’s Compact Theater (CTx) Series speakers, we didn’t expect to hear a truly immersive sound system—not from the diminutive speakers we saw. The RBH Sound CTx speakers only vaguely resemble the CT speakers they replace, and the sound was big enough that I assumed we were listening to the in-wall speakers also located in the demo room. It was only when I focused on the subwoofer output that I realized my mistake. And when RBH Sound switched over to the larger system there was a definite improvement, but none of that diminished the fact that I had just been thoroughly dazzled by a $1750 5.1 system.

This “mini” home theater system uses four MM-4x speakers and a C-4x center channel with enclosures made from an extremely rigid fiber-reinforced polymer matrix composite material. Additionally, the rounded tops and corners remove the squared edges of the interior sidewalls, reducing standing waves and lowering distortion. The S-8 subwoofer is the base sub that comes with the 5.1 speakers, but you can also upgrade to an S-10 powered subwoofer. Both are made with sturdy 3/4-inch MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) which is a definite cut above what you’ll find in most HTiB systems on the market. These speakers also feature a nice cloth grille and they have two points for mounting, including a 1/4 threaded mount on the bottom (perfect for inverted ceiling mounting) and one on the back for wall-mounting.

RBH Sound CTx Series

For the drivers, RBH Sound uses a soft dome tweeter and a 4″ aluminum cones in a 2-way sealed system to avoid breakup and produce a greater amount of clarity. For speakers this small you almost never see aluminum drivers. If you want to step up from 5.1 to 7.1, just add another pair of MM-4x speakers, and you’re off to the races. Given the build quality, features, and the sound quality from the demo we heard, this system is going to take the industry by storm and quickly become one of our favorite budget recommendations.

RBH Sound MM-4x speaker

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