The Pros and Cons of Glossy Speakers

It’s hard not to be impressed with the glossy speakers that are on the market. They are pretty, they cost more, and… they are just so dang pretty. But if you spend any time doing research, you’ll find a lot of people that will recommend against them. So, what are the pros and cons of glossy speakers? Let’s break it down.

Pro: Glossy Speakers Look Great – Con: Glossy Speakers Reflect Light

The first time you see a glossy speaker, especially a gloss black speaker, you can’t help but be impressed. They look so clean and smooth. Almost like glass. But when you get them in your room, you’ll find that the glossy finish also reflects light. That means you can watch your show or movie on your screen… and the version reflecting off the side of your speaker.

Older (aged?) AV enthusiasts will often eschew glossy speakers for this exact reason. They want to reduce reflections as much as possible. Of course, speakers with a matte finish don’t NOT reflect light. They do. They just aren’t as mirrored so you can’t really see what is going on in the reflection.

Pros and Cons of Glossy Speakers
Look at the reflections off the glossy finish. Distracting or cool. You decide.

Pro: They are Easier to Resell – Con: They Cost More

Glossy finishes (piano finishes) on speakers almost always come at a premium. There is a valid reason for this. The glossy finish requires a lot more work and isn’t easy to achieve. The matte finish is probably just a vinyl wrap that is much quicker and easier to apply. But the glossy speakers will be easier to resell later. Sure, you’ll pay a premium upfront, but you’ll have an easier time selling them when you decide to upgrade.

We’ve found very little evidence that glossy speakers retain any of their extra value. But if you have glossy speakers and the other person on Craigslist has a vinyl wrap, you are selling first. That resale appeal has to be worth something.

Pro: Glossy Speakers Impress Your Friends – Con: More Cleaning Required

If you are looking to get oohs and ahhs out of your friends, the glossy speaker is a direct path. Your friends will probably be impressed with any speaker, but the glossy speaker has special status. This will, of course, entice them to run their fingers over that glossy finish as you wince.

Their greasy, disgusting fingers.

The glossy finish is beautiful, but on speakers it shows everything. Fingerprints, smudges, dust…everything. Sure, that glossy finish looks great in the store, but be prepared to keep a microfiber cloth stashed somewhere in your theater to clean them on the regular.

Conclusion: It’s Up To You

We’d love to say one finish is definitively better than the other. But it just isn’t the case. There is a cost involved with the glossy finish, but it resells easier and is nicer to look at. The matte finish might be cheaper and easier to clean, but they won’t be impressive. Neither finish is more rugged than the other and there is no guarantee that your spouse will prefer one over the other. In the end, you’ll need to look at your room, your décor, and your lifestyle and decide which makes the most sense. Because, in the end, they’ll sound exactly the same. So this really is an aesthetic choice.

Do you have matte or glossy speakers? What do you think are the biggest pros and cons? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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