Using a Subwoofer as a Speaker Stand – Brilliant or Lame?

Subwoofers are very large boxes. Unless you have a small room, or pay a lot of money, your subwoofer will probably be the largest speaker in your system. This makes them the most contentious piece of home theater gear. Spouses take one look at the large black box and say, “No!” It happens every day. So people look for ways to “sell” their subwoofer to their partners. One way of doing that is to suggest that the subwoofer could be used as a stand. A stand for what? Another speaker, a plant, nicknacks…it doesn’t matter. Using a subwoofer as a stand (for a speaker or anything else) is a great way to integrate it into a room. But is this a good idea or destined for failure?

Problems and Pitfalls

There are real problems with using a subwoofer as a speaker stand. To begin with, your subwoofer rarely should be placed in the same locations as your speakers. It can sometimes work out, but, generally, it will not. More often than placing a speaker on top, we suggest using your subwoofer as a stand for something else. Preferably, something that is in the place where you’d like to put the subwoofer.

As you might expect, subwoofers vibrate. Even if you have properly decoupled them, they will still vibrate. That means if you use them as a stand for your speaker or something else, the subwoofer will likely cause it to “walk” off the sub eventually. You can fix this with some museum putty.

Lastly, subwoofers are mostly ugly, black boxes. Home theater enthusiasts may balk at that description, but it is how everyone else sees them. Subwoofer lovers are like new parents. They think their kids are beautiful even when they look like wrinkled old men.

The solution? Cover them! Grab some acoustically transparent cloth and throw it over the top. This won’t hurt the performance and it will help it blend in with the decor. If you pick up a cylinder subwoofer, it really won’t look like a speaker. Work with your partner.

Should You Use Your Subwoofer as a Stand?

Sure. If it helps you get a subwoofer (or two) into your room, do what you have to. Here’s what we suggest:

  1. Find the best places for your subwoofers (use our guide)
  2. Discuss with your partner using the subwoofers as stands
  3. Come to a consensus about size, shape, and any coverings
  4. Make your purchases
  5. Secure anything that is placed on top of the subwoofers.

Normally, you’ll discover that the best place for your speaker will not be conducive to using your subwoofer as a stand. But, hopefully, you can find other places where your subwoofers can be used as stands. If you follow a couple of easy precautions, a subwoofer can be a perfectly functional stand. And if you are successful, let us know!

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