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Wicked Audio Divvy Headphone Splitter

Wicked Audio sent us their Divvy Splitter, a headphone splitter that allows a single output to be split for two independent users. The Wicked Audio Divvy Headphone Splitter is a simplistic device that doesn’t offer many frills—just a simple way for two people to enjoy the same audio source. I used it on a recent trip and found that it compensated for the fact that my friend and I were using two headphones with very different impedances. That yielded a much higher level of output from my headphones compared to that of my friend. With a traditional analogue splitter, we would have had to fight over the preferred volume levels—something that doesn’t work too well if you happen to be on an airplane or in some other equally-noisy environment.

Using the Wicked Audio Divvy Headphone Splitter

Using the Wicked Audio Divvy Headphone Splitter is a breeze. Since it’s an analogue device, there’s no battery or active components to worry about. You don’t need to recharge it and you never have to do anything special to get it to work correctly the first time. As an analogue device it offers two volume controls—one per user—to allow you to dial in the perfect amount of volume. Its single male 1/8″ connector has a nice sized cable so that it can plug into even the tightest jacks we’ve come across. It also sticks out far enough from the device as to make volume adjustments quite easy. In use it didn’t seem to attenuate the signal too significantly, which meant there was no need to really overdrive it to get the same volume as a direct headphone connection.

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For around $10 you aren’t going to be disappointed with this purchase. A headphone Y-splitter should be a simple device and Wicked Audio seems to agree. Rather than overcomplicate it or create some active Frankensteinian creation that requires USB charging or batteries, Wicked Audio decided to play it straight. This little splitter is the kind of product everyone should have at the ready. You’ll need it one day. Trust me.

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  1. debbie

    I purchased the Divvy splitter in the Fresno airport and tried to use it to watch my movie and I was disappointed it only worked with one set of headphones. How do I get this taken care of??

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