3 Comments on Adding a Subwoofer to Your Home Theater

  1. Eric Jones

    When we got our most recent home theatre system, it was imperative that the sound come through as efficiently and powerfully as possible (the room is fairly sizeable and awkward from an acoustical perspective). I really like your idea about featuring 2 subs in the same room. I think that might be my next home project this weekend!

  2. Norman

    I am currently running dual subs in my modest HT system, and it seems to really help offset room anamolies. Doesn’t eliminate them, but it does decreases nulls and peaks. Better balance and wider sweet spot for low freqs. Smoother dispersion of bass. Good luck. Enjoy.

  3. Alan B.

    “With subwoofers, what you are attempting to do is essentially pressurize the room.”
    That reminds me of what my Cerwin Vega AT-15s did every time I turned up the ol analog Onkyo High Fidelity tuner. Those babies would blow up Dresses and open doors!

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