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  1. W. Meade

    researching how to connect Samsung Blu-Ray Disc Player with a digital audio output to a Yamaha RX-V659 AV Receiver with optical digital audio cable plug. Can one purchase such a cable to allow direct connection from the Samsung player to the Yamaha AV Receiver?

  2. Darryl Cameron

    I hope someone will read this even though the article was published June 2021. I just found your website and it’s the most informative site with all my questions answered in one spot.

    Anyway, after reading your article, what happens when you have a Dolby Vision player and TV, do they both fight each other or does the source take over? Also, what if you have a receiver that does Dolby Vision.

    Thank you!

    • The receiver doesn’t actually “do” Dolby Vision – it can either pass it through or it can’t. As far as whether the display or the player decodes Dolby Vision, it depends. You need a display that can decode the Dolby Vision metadata, and you need a player that will allow the TV to do it. Basically, they talk to each other through the HDMI handshake and “tell” each other what they can do. If they can both do display-led, that takes precedence. If one can only do player-led, then that’s what they’ll do. If they both say they support Dolby Vision but they don’t have any profiles in common, you just get HDR10. You’ll want to go into the menus of your player and display and make sure you enable Dolby Vision and select display-led if that is an option.

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