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Bryston Model A Subwoofer Preview

The Bryston Model A subwoofer may look like a traditional sealed cube enclosure, but it’s not. This sub features two long-throw 10-inch woofers that fire out of phase in a push-pull configuration as opposed to their previous Model T which has three linear 8-inch front-firing drivers. The Boston Model A subwoofer is also décor-friendly, with a compact enclosure and color choices in Boston Cherry, Natural Cherry and Black Ash.

The Bryston Model A subwoofer employs a 400-Watt amplifier that is actually isolated in a separate chamber. It drives both 10-inch woofers in an opposing configuration, helping eliminate cabinet resonance. Bristol claims the Model A puts out strong, balanced, and detailed bass down to 28 Hz for either music applications or chest-thumping movie soundtracks.

“Bryston had a very specific goal in mind with the conception of the Model A subwoofer. Our Model T subwoofers are a taller column form factor, and our dealers felt that they needed a high-performance, smaller, discreet subwoofer solution to accommodate some room designs. The Model A subwoofer delivers superlative performance from a compact enclosure.”

James Tanner, Bryston VP of sales

Bryston Model A subwoofer push pullOn the back of the Model A subwoofer, controls are available for crossover, phase, and level adjustments. You can easily match up the sub with any existing AV receiver or speaker system to achieve a well-blended mix, using either the sub’s low-pass crossover or the AV receiver’s electrical crossover. Plus, with 400-Watts of output power, the Bryston Model A can fill all but the largest and most heavily damped rooms. The cabinet is made from 3/4″ inch MDF, and ample internal bracing is included to reduce cabinet resonance at audible frequencies. Dual rear-facing ports extend the low frequency response all the way down to 28 Hz without chuffing—even at high-output levels. If the three standard finishes aren’t enough, Bryston also offers special order finishes for those trying to match furniture or who want a furniture-quality piano gloss finish. Rubberized aluminum leveling feet and a heavy gauge AC line cord are included.

Bryston Model A Subwoofer Specs

  • Frequency Response (± 3dB): 28Hz-150Hz
  • Amplifier power: 400 Watts RMS
  • Inputs: RCA, Hi-level (speaker level)
  • Outputs: RCA
  • Crossover: 80, 150 Hz
  • Phase: 0, 180 Drivers: 2 x 10” Aluminum cone
  • Volume Control
  • Size (HxWxD): 17 x 17.75 x 15.25 in. (43x45x38.5cm)
  • Weight: 48 lbs. (22 kgs.)
  • Max SPL @1m: 110dB
Bryston Model A subwoofer cabinet

The cabinet is available in either Boston Cherry, Natural Cherry or Ash Black. Of course, if that’s not enough, you can always order a custom finish for an uncharge.

The Bryston Model A Subwoofer carries an MSRP of $2000 but should have a street price somewhere in the neighborhood of $1895.

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