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  1. Haribabu Avatar

    Nice article, thanks for sharing. I have recently upgraded my HT 5.1 (YHT-196). Front speakers to bookshelf (Boston Acoustic A26) and center to Boston Acoustic 225C. rear (surround) speakers are small satellite speakers. what I noticed after some time, I rarely noticed voice from rear speakers. Any comment/suggestion on this.

  2. PK Bah Avatar

    I am using a YAMAHA RX685 Dolby Atmos AVR., A 100 W Yamaha Central Speaker, POLK S15 Front speakers (Each 100w).,Dolby Atmos enabled ONKYO Speakers as Front height speakers. But my surround speakers are Small 80W Still which I haven’t upgraded. I feel like my ATMOS Contents are not justified. Does this need to be upgraded ?

    • Have you taken the time to really balance the mix in your existing speakers using an SPL meter? The wattage rating of a speaker doesn’t really mean as much as the tonality and levels so that you get as much of an even mix across the different soundstages as possible (front to back, left to right, etc).

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