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Cambridge Audio Go Radio Preview

The new Cambridge Audio Go Radio is part of a trio of devices (the Cambridge Audio Go and Bluetone 100 are the others) which are based on the original award Minx Go. The new models are a bit more compact and can stream music from your phone, tablet, or computer. The emphasis with these speakers seems to be on output and, for battery models like the Go and Cambridge Audio Go Radio, battery power. They feature enough output to fill a large indoor space or even an outdoor area with full sound. The battery-powered Cambridge Audio Go and Cambridge Audio Go Radio will play for 18 hours a single charge.

Cambridge Audio Go

The new Go portable speaker adds NFC technology so you can literally “touch” your NFC-compatible Bluetooth smartphone or tablet and pair it with the player. More than that, it offers aptX Bluetooth support, so the audio you stream is near-lossless and comparable to CD-quality audio (when properly encoded). If you plug in your phone or other portable device to the Cambridge Audio’s USB port, you can charge it—all the while listening to or streaming your favorite music.

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About the only difference between the Cambridge Audio Go and the Go Radio is that the latter adds an integrated FM Radio tuner with 3 pre-sets. It also adds an LED digital display which shows up underneath the grille.

The Bluetone 100 is a very similar model to the Go and Go Radio, but foregoes the battery power for a powerful 100 Watt Class-D amplifier.

Cambridge Audio Bluetone 100

Pricing and Availability

Cambridge Audio Go, $179.99 – September 2014
Cambridge Audio Go Radio, $199.99 – November 2014
Cambridge Audio Bluetone 100, $299.99 – September 2014


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