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  1. arun Avatar

    Is there any way to wirelessly “stream” the audio (or video) OUTPUT of a normal CD/DVD player (with good quality) – everything I see seems to talk only about receiving the stream and assumes that the stream is coming from somewhere like the Internet or a PC but not an existing music player?! Am i overlooking something very simple?

    • There are several solutions depending upon what you want to accomplish. Most are not going to be very economical for use with a CD or DVD Player, nor lossless. It may make more sense to convert those files to digital and then stream them using Bluetooth with AptX, Chromecast, or AppleTV from another device or computer. The wireless audio transmitter/receiver systems I’ve seen are made by companies like Lentenda, Signstek, and SainSonic and run from $50-$90. These are not lossless or HD transmitters. For HD, you start getting into wireless HDMI transmitters that start around $150 and up.

  2. dan Avatar

    What would be the best way to stream high-quality audio to very large groups of people, using their handsets as receivers?

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