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Denon HEOS Adds Pandora Music Streaming

The Denon HEOS adds Pandora Internet radio music streaming (an Internet radio music streaming service, in case you’ve been living in a nuclear bunker the past 10 years) to its three new HEOS wireless multi-room sound system speakers. HEOS users can now connect to a Wi-Fi network and stream Pandora music to any room in the house. Pandora is now also features as an accessible service on the free iOS or Android control app.

Pandora is cool in that it is one of the most ingenious systems for finding new music. Their algorithm is set up in order to take a “seed” song or artist and find related tracks. That means that if you like a particular style of music, you’ll quickly get introduced to more of  what Pandora considers the same style. Then, you can vote up or down the results to get even more accurate results to your taste.

Denon Heos wireless speakers

Denon’s HEOS speaker system lineup includes three wireless multi-zone music players that range in price from $299 to $599. The players offer simplified Wi-Fi setup provide access to music from Pandora as well as hardwired sources and any DLNA audio source or smart device. The Android and iOS app can control music to the whole home and an optional access point range extender improves and/or expands an existing home wireless network.

Buy the Denon HEOS wireless speakers at Audiogurus or visit Denon’s website.

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5 Comments on Denon HEOS Adds Pandora Music Streaming

  1. Elisa Robinson

    We have been listening to Pandora on our HEOS system for quite a while with no problems, since the recent update to HEOS, Pandora will not play. It starts briefly, then nothing. Although, if you look at the screen, it appears to be playing. Any suggestions?

    • Sometimes updates to hardware can break streaming and other apps. I’d reach out to Denon support. If there is a way of hard-resetting or factory resetting your system, I’d do that as well.

  2. David Reed

    My HEOS app only displays my Pandora playlist through the letter “T” although the entire playlist can be seen on my actual Pandora app. Any ideas why HEOS cuts the playlist short?

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