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How Do You Watch March Madness? DISH Has Options

How do you watch March Madness? DISH announced some very March Madness-centric info just in time for next week. While none of the announced items are necessarily new, they do a good job of combining all of the highlight features of DISH and the Hopper to allow you to watch your games just about anywhere.

How Do You Watch March Madness on DISH?

Let’s check out the many ways you can watch March Madness on DISH one-by-one.

Use DISHAnywhere for Portability

If you have a hankering for taking your March Madness with you everywhere you go, then DISHAnywhere might be just the ticket. I use it all the time to view DVR content while I’m on the road, but you can also queue up live TV as well. With DISHAnywhere you can watch all of your live and DVR content from any laptop, tablet, or smartphone during the entire tournament.

Sports Bar Mode for the “Gotta Have It All” Man

If you’ve got a Hopper 3 you can activate Sports Bar Mode and watch up to four live March Madness games at the same time. This makes sense when you think about it since 4K resolution is just four 1080p streams. Split that up and DISH is simply using its multicast feature within the available pixel bandwidth of the set-top box. It’s pretty cool—and impressive considering boxes that split video into four quadrants used to costs thousands of dollars just 20 years ago.

If you’re watching the first rounds of the tournament, Sports Bar Mode is going to make the viewing experience much more fun.

Hopper 3 Sports Bar mode

College Sports Multi-Channel View

Similar to Sports Bar Mode, College Sports Multi-Channel View lets DISH customers without a Hopper watch up to four tournament games at one time. Just tune your Program Guide to channel 151 and enjoy!

DISH college sports channel

Bracket View

Bracket View is really March Madness specific. With it, you can view an interactive bracket with upcoming, live, and completed games. It keeps you completely up to date on who’s leading and what’s next. To top it off, the Bracket View lets you schedule recordings of the games you want to watch right from the interface.

So how do you watch March Madness? DISH has one of the strongest lineups we’ve seen for enjoying the games. If you’re a true fan, it might be enough to cause you to finally dump cable.

For more information, check out the DISH March Madness blog.

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