KEF LS Speakers On Sale Through End of Year!

Have you been looking at some KEF speakers wistfully? Well, cheer up shopper! KEF has their LS speakers on sale through the end of the year. With major discounts on many of their most popular speakers, if you’ve been wishing for a deal, now is the time. From what we can tell, many of the different color options are also on sale so you won’t be limited to just black. Check out the pricing below!

KEF Promo Pricing:

Clearly, the LS50 Meta is the big winner here. At $600 off, they are over a third off. What’s amazing is that they are including multiple finishes. One of the main draws of KEF speakers (other than the great sound quality) is the finish options. For those that care about aesthetics, KEF speakers are often on the shortlist. They have a ton of finish options for those trying to blend speakers into the decor. If you’ve been hoping for a sale on KEF LS speakers, you’ve got until the end of the year to act on these prices.

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